Welcome to the new web site of TetraSys.

This is an information platform on Finland provided free of charge. This web platform currently being developed is published online on December 4th 2015 in version NorpaNet Alpha 0.9.5816.21851 with FirebirdSQL 3.0 Rc1.

This dynamic platform, and in a near future interactive platform, already allows you to:
Our ambition is to develop an interactive Finnish platform...

... For Finns
  • Facilitating the finding of local activities and shops, promoting local purchase and the purchase of Finnish products and services.
  • Enabling Finnish suppliers of products and services to be found and referenced easily on the web.
  • Allowing everyone, even individuals, to offer services or share points of interest by creating a presentation profile.
... For customers outside Finland
  • Facilitating the finding of, and easily view, the offer of products and services available in Finland.
  • Enabling contacting suppliers, customers and potential partners directly, or via a contact service.

This platform that we offer to you is also yours With the posted Alpha release we would like to hear your thoughts, questions, and suggestions to be considered in the ongoing development: what would you like to see here? Don't be shy; write us via the contact form or sign up for our newsletter below!

Suomi sisu kantaa

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TetraSys Oy.