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Furby 2023: Iconic 90s Furby to re-launch with next generation of interactive toys - where to buy & price

Yorkshire Evening Post logo Yorkshire Evening Post 23.06.2023 18:24:35 Chelsie Sewell

The new era of Furbies will have five voice activated modes and over 600 responses to discover

The world-famous Furby toy is making a return as the next generation of toys are due to hit shelves this summer. US toy giant has confirmed it has brought back the adorable robotic creature after first launching nearly a quarter of a century ago.

Hasbro has said a new generation of kids will be able to discover their own "curious little creature" and kindred spirit, that's sure to be their next "BFF." The new toys will come in two colours with the aim to "remind kids that they can be their hilarious, wacky, perfectly imperfect selves" because that is what makes them a little more special.

Furby was originally launched in 1998 and quickly became popular around the world. More than 40 million toys were sold in the first three years, Hasbro says. The original toys had infrared eyes to allow them to communicate with each other.

The new era of Furbies will have five voice activated modes and over 600 responses to discover, including lights, sounds, and 10 unique songs. Furby will also respond to five commands including "Dance Party," "Copy Cat," "Tell My Fortune," "Let's Chill," or "Lightshow".

Furby will respond to hugs, pats, belly tickles, shaking, and feeding of its pretend Pizza Charm, yum! Kids can care for Furby by feeding them, combing their furhawk, and dressing them up with the included clip-on beads and fashion accessories.

Kristin McKay, vp & general manager at Hasbro said: "Following its craze-inducing launch in 1998, Furby has taken the world by storm, impacting every corner of the culture zeitgeist, from music to television and film.

"For the brand's 25th anniversary, we wanted to ignite the same excitement for this new generation by harnessing Furby's power of nostalgia while giving Gen Alpha everything they crave."

McKay added: "Over the past few years, we've done a lot of research to understand what kids would want to see in a new Furby."

"Through this research, kids told us that it was important for Furby to be their ultimate best friend - a furry companion to do all the things a BFF would do, like dance to music, share fortunes, meditate, mimic each other in silly voices, and even put on a light show, and that's exactly what we created," she concluded.

Furby will be stocked in major retailers from July 15. It is also available to pre-order for release on August 1. At present Amazon shows the new toy to cost £74.99

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