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Read your sex and love horoscopes, aka Cosmo sexoscopes, for the weekend of 23rd June, 2023.

What's happening: The Moon is in Virgo for most of the weekend, giving you a more practical POV. On Sunday, Mercury squares off with hazy Neptune, bringing confusion and making you easier to deceive. On Monday, Mars is square volatile Uranus, and Mercury forms an awkward quincunx angle with powerful Pluto. Right after that, Mercury enters cool Cancer. Finally, on Wednesday, the Sun harmonises with stable, secure Saturn.

There's some shady s**t happening behind the scenes, Aries, and all of it's coming to light this week. Maybe an ex is working to make you miserable, talking smack, spreading rumors, or just bugging you. Maybe your partner has secrets, resentments, or hidden emotions from you. Whatever it is, you're confronting it head on this week. Don't blow up-try to keep a level head. Compromise, not control, is key right now.

Here's the good news: the Virgo Moon this weekend makes you more energetic, adds a romantic vibe to your plans, and makes sex feel way hotter. Here's the bad news: If you're single, you're not likely to get much action this weekend, because making new connections doesn't seem to be in the stars. Don't worry, Mercury entering Cancer on Monday is a great transit for meeting people, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to have some fun soon!

This is a rather slow weekend, but as soon as the week begins, things speed up, fast, and not necessarily in a good way. Yes, old partners and ex flames are coming back around this week, and you're being urged to confront your past and give yourself a clean slate. Once you deal with them-by cutting the cord completely, or maybe inviting them back into your life-there's tonnes of room opened up that you can fill with new, better lovers without having baggage from the past.

You and your partner aren't on the same page, Cancer. As a matter of fact, you might not even be reading the same book. You think your relationship is in "x" state, while they're thinking it's in "y" condition. You think you're ready to upgrade your relationship, meanwhile that might not even be on their radar right now. You're confronting these differences in relationship goals this week, and if you can't stay patient and keep a level head, this could be the end of things for the two of you.

Protect yourself, Leo. There are people-potentially including lovers-in your life who may be looking to take advantage of your generous, loving, sometimes over-the-top nature. They're mistaking kindness for weakness, and they're trying to take advantage of it! If you notice that you're always giving and rarely receiving in your relationships, it's time to assess. Take off your rose-tinted spectacles and take a serious look at your relationship. It might turn out that your partner is actually pretty sh**ty. If that's the case, you might want to break things off.

The Moon in your sign makes this a rather emotional weekend for you. In fact, you're likely to bump into a few problems with your relationship, thanks to Neptune's hazy, strange influence. Secrets are coming out. Hidden feelings are being revealed. And you might feel caught off-guard by it all! Instead of panicking and getting caught up in thought spirals (as you tend to do), take a breath and deal with it the best way you know how-practically. Talk it out. Make a plan. You're the "fixer upper" of the zodiac. You can mend this.

You're having a lonely weekend, Libra, but once the week begins, you start getting tonnes of attention, but not necessarily the best kind. Someone's into you-like, really into you-and you might not feel exactly the same way. Sure, the gifts, compliments, and attention is a little nice at first, but it gets overwhelming fast. You might already be in a relationship, or just plain not interested. But this other person will not leave you alone! You're congenial, polite, and cordial, more than any other sign, but you need to take a stand. Tell them to buzz off, and enforce that boundary.

This is a great weekend for all you single Scorpios out there, because the Virgo Moon is helping you to reach out and make new connections. I suggest focusing on dating and romance this weekend, because hookups are all but guaranteed to result in you catching major feelings, which can quickly lead to confusion or heartbreak later in the week. Take things slow right now.

You're spending tonnes of time connecting with your partner right now, but unfortunately, it looks like it's because the two of you are at odds about something in your relationship. Disagreements, arguments, and maybe even fights can easily happen with this week's astro-weather. Sticking to your guns and immediately going on the defensive can only result in disaster right now. You need to be cooperative and come to a decision with your partner-even if that decision is to break up.

This weekend is for fun, and the second half of the week is for romance and taking love seriously. If you're just interested in hookin' up, this is an amazing time for being a freak in the sheets. Get kinky! Tie somebody up! Pull out the whips and chains (if you're into that)! And most importantly, have fun with it! Saturn's influence later this week is great for asking someone out or DTRing, and helps you bring more stability to your love life.

There's some conflict ahead, Aquarius. You've been seriously wearing some rose-tinted glasses lately, and you're acting a little delulu, buddy. You gotta stop acting like everything is "just fine," because the thing is, every relationship has problems. Ignoring them and pretending they don't exist will only make them worse-even the tiniest of issues can snowball out of control given enough time. Nip it in the bud, be realistic, and tackle the problem.

Despite this week's rather volatile astro-weather, your love life is coming out unscathed! The Virgo Moon this weekend activates you chart's zone of relationships, so whether it's great sex, a romantic date, or just quality time with your sweetie, you're having a great time. If you're single, Mercury enters Cancer on Monday, making you more outgoing. This means that finding someone to have a little fun with shouldn't be a problem now.

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