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Glastonbury 2023 - fashionable festival goers spotted at Worthy Farm

Evening Standard logo Evening Standard 23.06.2023 17:54:34 Maddy Mussen
A festival goer arrives at Glastonbury 2023 (AFP via Getty Images)

Roll up, roll up, my non-Glasto attending friends: the festival has well and truly begun, pictures of fit, well-dressed festival goers having the time of their lives are starting to emerge.

As anyone with debilitating FOMO (fear of missing out) will know, there's only thing one for it in these situations. Distraction just won't cut it, breaking into Glasto is near impossible and decidely un-chic, and trying to mute 50 per cent of your mates on Instagram is a lost cause. The only thing we can do is wallow in it.

And what better way to do that than by scrolling through the best dressed, critiquing their outfits and imagining what you would have worn should you have had the chance. It's like the Met Gala of festivals: everyone brings their A game, and everyone at home acts like they could have done better.

The past two days have seen Glasto-goers arriving en masse, carrying suitcases and camping chairs, wearing rain ponchos and sporting rollered-hair in preparation for the weekend ahead. Now the hair is free from the rollers, the chairs are in situ and the ponchos are coming off.

Friday is the first official day of the festival, with headliners Arctic Monkeys set to croon and crash their way around the Pyramid Stage this evening, as well as performances from the likes of Fred Again, Hot Chip, Shygirl and Kelis taking place on other stages across the arena.

So far, the festival fashion is looking bombastic, bright and organised, with many friends committing to matching or group costumes early on in the schedule. No one wants to dress up like a bunch of bananas on the Sunday, do they, let's be real.

Red is the dominant colour thus far, with oversized fluffy hats, mushroom caps and cowboy stetson's being spotted everywhere in various shades of crimson. There's also bandanas galore - and whether they're being worn as headbands or boob tubes, they're all serving a purpose.

The Jamiroquai hat has to be the look of the festival for now, though, with every stylish festival-goer seemingly having packed a feathered or fluffy piece of headgear that's three times the size of their actual head, presumably making it impossible to see from underneath the hat's brow.

Barbiecore is also alive and thriving at Glasto, with bubblegum pink cowboy boots and hot pink handbags abound. Plus, if you're a man with a shaved head, best believe this is the summer to start getting creative with it, because that scalp is a veritable canvas for colourful designs.

We've yet to see any celebs papped at the festival, but we're betting that Glasto regulars Alexa Chung, Nick Grimshaw, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss could make a reapperance. We'll keep you updated.

For now, tap through the gallery above to see all the best looks so far from attendees at Glastonbury 2023.

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