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Tesco reveals new range of marinated meat, fish and veg ready for the BBQ

Women's Health UK logo Women's Health UK 23.06.2023 17:54:34 Emma Gritt
Sun's out, grills out...

What's the secret to a delicious summer dinner? For a lot of us, it's as simple as 'cook it on the BBQ and eat it in the fresh air'.

It doesn't take much for us sun-starved Brits to descend on parks or zhuzh up our gardens in expectation of topping up our ever-chronic vitamin D levels (and hope for a bit of a tan).

And with temperatures now hovering above 20 degrees and a heatwave on the way, it truly is BBQ season.

But, when you're peckish-rich but time-poor, getting the chance to prep different meats and veggies in marinades can seem like a tough choice.

Thankfully, Tesco have expanded on their US BBQ Pitmasters-inspired range, Fire Pit, revealing several new products that are ready to slap straight on to the grill - and some interesting sides and sauces which are perfect to grab and take to a mate's get together at home or at the park.

As well as the usual beef-burgers, also hitting stores and tesco.com are Texas Style Pork Ribs marinated in a BBQ sauce for a sweet and sticky glaze, Chorizo Sausages and Chilli & Lime Salmon Sizzlers; skinless salmon strips coated in a sweet chilli and lime marinade.

Tastebuds a bit more worldly than just the Southern states?

Inspired by Indian flavours, there are Chicken Tikka Sizzlers marinated in a classic tikka glaze; a Mediterranean-style taste from the Patatas Bravas and looking to the Caribbean, Mango Coconut & Lime Chicken Mini Fillets.

For veggies, there's marinated butternut squash slices, and shawarma seasoned mushroom kebabs.

Also keep an eye out for two new sauces, Korean Style Chilli Mayonnaise and Cola Ketchup - which is definitely a conversation starter for while you're waiting for the coals to heat up!

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