Coronavirus: Eight UK patients who tested positive for disease released from hospital

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a group of people standing on a cart: The virus has killed over 1,500 people around the world and infected over 67,000 more © AFP via Getty ImagesThe virus has killed over 1,500 people around the world and infected over 67,000 more

All but one of the UK's nine coronavirus patients have been released from hospital, health chiefs confirmed.

The single patient is still being treated as the virus continues to claim lives across the world, with the first European casualty confirmed in Paris this morning.

The ninth confirmed patient was a woman who arrived at Lewisham Hospital in South London in an Uber taxi.

No details about the patients have been released.

More than 1,500 people have died worldwide from coronavirus, with 66,000 confirmed cases.

UK medics warned the disease, which is believed to have originated in the city of Wuhan, China, could kill 400,000 in this country.


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It comes as an 80-year-old tourist has become the first person to die in Europe from coronavirus, authorities in France confirmed.

The patient, a Chinese national, had been in intensive care for more than two weeks, but medics were unable to save his life.

His death was announced by French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn this morning. The minister also revealed the man's daughter had been treated for the condition.

He had been treated in isolation at the Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital in Paris, having been admitted on January 25.

  a store front at day: The man was being treated at the Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital in Paris © AFP via Getty ImagesThe man was being treated at the Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital in Paris

Ms Buzyn said the man had arrived in France on January 16 from Hubei - the province of China most affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus.

"His condition had deteriorated rapidly and he had been in critical condition for several days, before being taken into intensive care" said Ms Buzyn.

She added: "This is the first death from the Coronavirus outside Asia, the first death in Europe."

The patient's daughter is also suffering from Coronavirus and "was also taken into care at Bichat hospital", said the minister.

"Her state of health is no longer a cause for concern and she should be able to be released soon."

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All five Britons diagnosed with coronavirus in France were on a skiing holiday in the French Alps in January.

They were infected by a so-called 'super-spreader' from Brighton, Sussex, was last week named as Steve Walsh, a 53-year-old businessman and scout leader.

The total number of infections across mainland China was 66,492 after 2,641 new cases were confirmed as of Friday, the country's National Health Commission said.

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