First Look: New photos released ahead of season three of Killing Eve

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As if the wait for season three of Killing Eve wasn't already killing us the show's producers have only gone and dropped a new trailer. 

The clip shows Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer stalk one another for Valentine's Day with Villanelle seductively stroking a blood-red cloth.

It looks as if their cat and mouse game is far from over.

Making the clip even tenser is that it is set to the score of the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah. 

It was dropped at the same time as new stills of the forthcoming season were released which gives an intriguing glimpse of what's to come.

The bizarre scenes show both Eve and Villanelle walking the streets dressed as circus clowns and honestly, it's hard to imagine what might put them in that situation but you know it's going to be juicy. 

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If you remember Eve left her job, husband, and life behind at the end of season three to chase after Villanelle.

Now unemployed, the new scenes show her slicing up meat while potentially working as a cook in a restaurant.

Another photo shows Villanelle ditching her clown suit for a stylish floral maxi dress.

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The dress which is still on sale at Net A Porter is by The Vampire's Wife but at £550 will definitely set you back a pretty penny. 

The fourth shot shows Eve walking in the country but is she trying to track down Villanelle or hide from her?

It's all almost too much to wrap your head around.

Jodie Comer walking down the street: Pic: AMC © Provided by Evoke.iePic: AMC

One thing is for certain, there is definitely a lot going on with the storyline in season three.

The good news for fans of the show is that there's not long to go now before the new season lands on our screens. 

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