Family mourns after couple killed in alleged hit and run

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Witnesses have described the shocking moment two people were fatally hit by a car as they walked home from the pub in Port Augusta, South Australia.

Naomi Braden and Stephen Press were struck and left for dead on Caroona Road just after 2am overnight.

Emergency services raced to the scene but were unable to save the couple of 18 years, who lived with their five children.

Emma Donovan posing for the camera: A Port Augusta couple were killed after being hit by a car overnight. © 9NewsA Port Augusta couple were killed after being hit by a car overnight.

Relatives were too distraught to speak on camera, but one son posted online, "I can't believe that you're actually gone RIP dad I love you more than anything".

Witness David Oag was outside and saw the horror unfold.

"They were just chatting away and next minute the car came up and hit them from behind - just not something you expect to see from your front door," he said.

a truck that is driving down the road: The car has been seized for examination. © 9NewsThe car has been seized for examination.

"(The car) went up the road, pulled over to the left, and then I ran in to get my phone, and I certainly saw it stop up the road a bit, and then I didn't see it when I came back out."

A man surrendered at the Port Augusta police station at about lunchtime today.

He has been charged over the incident and will appear in court on Monday.

His vehicle has been seized for forensic examination.

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