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Tiger Woods trolls Justin Thomas after one-upping him with monstrous drive

For The Win logo For The Win 04/12/2019 23:00:00 Nate Scott
Tiger Woods wearing a red hat: Associated Press © Associated PressAssociated Press

The only thing better than the Big Cat being back is the Big Cat being back with a little swagger.

Tiger Woods is paired up with Justin Thomas at the Hero World Championship in the Bahamas today, and after Thomas hit a huge drive during the round, Woods stepped up and smashed one that flew past his.

Thomas is 26 years old, and last year averaged over 300 yards per drive. He's a big hitter. Woods is 44, but he's the Big Cat, so it doesn't matter.

Even better, Woods then walked over to Thomas' ball on the fairway, and pretended to look down and inspect it to see if it was actually his ball. He then confidently strode away, because he's Tiger Woods and he gets to do that.


What can Thomas do there? There's nothing you can do. You applaud Woods, and maybe ask him to sign his can of Monster Energy Drink for you later.



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