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Apprentice final five confirmed as Dean Ahmad is fired

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Claude Littner looking at the camera: The Apprentice 2019 has confirmed its final five candidates who will face the dreaded interviews after Dean Ahmad is fired. © BBCThe Apprentice 2019 has confirmed its final five candidates who will face the dreaded interviews after Dean Ahmad is fired.

There's only one week left before we get to The Apprentice episode we all waiting for, the interviews. Before we get there, however, we've got one more task of the teams messing up and blaming each other for it.

This week's (December 4) task was to create a new fragrance and come up with all the branding and packing for it, and after causing up a stink (just the one pun this week) Dean Ahmad was fired.

Video: "The Apprentice: Thomas Skinner fired" (The Independent)


Pamela was the Project Manager for Team Empower after Lord Sugar demanded that she would be last week. She wanted a perfume for women but had the two men, Lewis and Dean on her team.

Unfortunately she left Lewis in charge of packaging, who went against everything she said and created a bottle she called "cheap and nasty", not to mention he got the spelling of 'independent' and 'parfum' wrong. Really.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Dean Ahmad, The Apprentice 2019 candidate © BBCDean Ahmad, The Apprentice 2019 candidate Carina took charge of Unison, mostly because she didn't want Lottie as PM. When it came to a photoshoot for the poster, she let Lottie create an advertisement board that showed a man standing over a woman while she was on the phone...

They decided to scrap the board for a second pitch, but were called out for not having an advertising board. Oops.

a man and a woman standing in front of a window: The-Apprentice-Unison-perfume-advert.JPG © BBCThe-Apprentice-Unison-perfume-advert.JPG

In the end, Unison won with 9,000 orders to 8,000 (meaning Lottie lives to fight another day), so Pamela, Dean and Lewis battled it out to make it into the final five.

In the boardroom, Lewis accused Pamela of pushing responsibility onto others and said that Dean has contributed nothing over the past 10 weeks. Pamela said that Lewis is a marketing man and messed the marketing up so badly.

In the end though, Dean was sent packing. He didn't get a "with regret" but he did get a "keep in touch", which viewers doubted the sincerity of.

Next time... THE INTERVIEWS!

The Apprentice airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One. Spin-off show The Apprentice: You're Fired airs on Wednesdays at 10pm on BBC Two.

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