Milla Jovovich has gained 50 pounds during her pregnancy

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Milla Jovovich is opening up about her pregnancy in a new Instagram post, touching on her weight, paranoia and her breasts.

The "Resident Evil" actress, 43, shared an Instagram post on Wednesday afternoon from her car while on a "school run."

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"So here's an update pic of my pregnancy, I'm 9 weeks away from dropping and it's getting more and more difficult to get around, but I'm happy to say so far everything looks great with the baby and she's coming right on schedule!," Milla said. "I've gained pretty much the same amount of weight that I always gain (about 50lbs. So far ??) but it just goes to show that your body will do whatever it's meant to do regardless."

The actress announced in August that she and her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson, are expecting their third child, as they already share daughters Ever Gabo Anderson, 11, and Dashiel Edan Anderson, 4. The baby comes more than two years after undergoing an emergency abortion. That memory has still been firmly on her mind during the pregnancy.

Milla Jovovich holding a sign: Milla Jovovich attends a special screening of © Stephen Lovekin/Variety/REX/ShutterstockMilla Jovovich attends a special screening of

"Saying that i haven't been exercising during this pregnancy like I did with the last, but I'm also being super paranoid and just really careful not to do anything that could potentially put me at risk of miscarriage," she said. "Anyway, the plus side is my mama boobs are back which is fun for a girl who's always been flat as a board, so I'm enjoying the moment while it lasts!"

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