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19 Family Members Stranded In Cabin After Blizzard Up North

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(WWJ) It could have turned into a horror movie or a Hallmark flick. Either way, in real life it had a happy ending.

WLUC in Michigan's Upper Peninsula reports 19 members of one family were rescued Monday in Menominee County after the cabin where they gathered for the holiday was snowed in and struck with a blizzard. About two feet of snow fell quickly, mooring them inside beginning on Saturday.

Darrell Cass, Menominee County Road Commission assistant engineer, told WLUC 10 children and nine adults -- ranging in age from 1 to 64 years old -- were stuck in a family cabin six miles off the main road. The cabin was on an unplowed road piled with two feet of snow.

The family dialed 911 for help when it was clear there was no getting back to civilization on their own steam.

But getting rescued even after asking for help was problematic.

"We had some soft conditions and our plow truck got stuck," Cass told WLUC.

Another truck was able to get involved and plow the way through. When rescuers were about a quarter-mile from the cabin, EMS took over and hauled them out, Cass told WLUC.

They were taken to a nearby tavern where the owner housed them for about five hours, plying them with coffee and hot cocoa until they were warm enough to head home. No injuries were reported.

The Menominee County Road Commission, Spalding Fire, Meyer Fire, Harris Fire, Cedarville Fire, Michigan DNR and Menominee County Sheriff's Deputies all responded to the rescue.

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