State Library Victoria's $88m renovation

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Victoria's state library. © Jeff Greenberg/UIG via Getty ImagesVictoria's state library. Victoria's State Library has reopened its doors following a five-year, $88 million redevelopment.

The 163-year-old landmark opens on Thursday with 40 per cent more public space, 70 per cent more seating and restored heritage spaces, including its original reading room, Queen's Hall.

The redevelopment was funded by more than $60 million from the Victorian government and the remainder raised through philanthropic and public contributions.

Swanston Street foyer entry.

Swanston Street foyer entry.
© State Library Victoria

"This is a momentous day for State Library Victoria," President of the Library Board of Victoria John Wylie said in a statement.

He claimed the redevelopment combines the "absolute best of the old and the new".

"Everyone is welcome to come and use and enjoy our Library. It's one of the most popular in the world for good reason," he said.

"And it's just gotten even better."

The Ian Potter Queen's Hall. © State Library VictoriaThe Ian Potter Queen's Hall. Creative Industries Minister Martin Foley said the library is one of the most-visited in the world, welcoming two million people a year.

"This once-in-a-generation transformation builds on our library's 163-year legacy, providing free access to world-class resources, fantastic new spaces and creative technologies," he said.

"It sets a new benchmark for libraries everywhere".

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