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NRL Grand Final: Willie Mason says Ben Cummins needs to take responsibility for GF howler

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We're one week removed from the NRL Grand Final, but controversial refereeing blunders and a series of off-field mistakes are still overshadowing one of the best deciders we've seen in recent memory.

The history books will record a 14-8 win for the Roosters, but all the talk is of Ben Cummins' bungled six again call that arguably decided the match.

Then there was near-miss in which Roosters prop Jared Waerea-Hargreaves was lining up to collect the Clive Churchill Medal, before it was confirmed that Raiders fullback Jack Wighton had won.

Just as there were more headlines about Erin Molan's apparent feud with Andrew Johns than about the actual match in the days before the Grand Final, there has arguably been more written about Cummins' call than the rest of the action.

Seven days later, former NRL enforcer Willie Mason was still fired up about it. 

"He's (Cummins) has his hands up. Do you think Wighton wouldn't be passing right there if he thinks it's last tackle," he said on Sports Sunday on Channel Nine.

"Or he's putting up a cross field kick in to Rapana or anyone.

"He had the chance to do anything he wants here and he sees the sign and Ben Cummins should take accountability for this and he needs to.

"I don't know if there's been any sanctions and it's just gonna be play on and the Roosters win.

"We're sitting here talking about this. I thought it was one of the best games and best Grand Finals, but we're talking about these decisions and refs."

Mason also had his say on the awarding of the Clive Churchill Medal, saying Waerea-Hargreaves handled it with a lot more class than he would have.

"He was clearly their best player," Mason said.

"Give it to the players that won. Just get your losers trophy and get on into the sheds. Say congratulations and the winners get everything.

"That's the way it is.

"I haven't lost a Grand Final, but I have been lucky enough to win a Clive Churchill, but if that had have happened to me, if someone took that off me, I'm walking on stage anyway and grabbing it."

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