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The sky turned a deep purple before Typhoon Hagibis hit the coast of Japan

Business Insider Australia logo Business Insider Australia 13/10/2019 2:25:00 Frank Olito

a group of clouds in the sky: The sky turned purple in Japan. The sky turned purple in Japan. Hours before Typhoon Hagibis made a devastating impact on Japan, citizens noticed a peculiar weather phenomenon in the sky.

To the confusion of many, the sky didn't turn a dark grey as it does before most storms. Instead, the clouds turned a deep purple, almost looking like cotton candy.

Before the residents evacuated their homes, they turned to social media to document the strange phenomena. Check out below what the sky looked like from the streets of Japan.

The purple sky is actually known as scattering, and it occurs when heavy rains rid the atmosphere of larger particles that abord most light. What's left are smaller particles that scatter the light in all directions. The result is an electric sky, filled with purple and pink colours.

While it may be a natural phenomenon, it may also foreshadow devastation to come.

"A beautiful scene, indeed," one Twitter user wrote. "But beneath it lies a big catastrophe. Pray for Japan, everyone."

Pictures: Typhoon Hagibis

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