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Bastille Day parade protests: Paris police fire tear gas at gilets jaunes protesters on Champs-Elysees

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French police have fired tear gas at protesters in central Paris, hours after Emmanuel Macron presided over the Bastille Day annual military parade alongside other European leaders.

The thoroughfare was reopened to traffic after the parade finished but a few hundred protesters from the grassroots "yellow vests" movement then tried to occupy it.

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France's BFM television showed images of police firing tear gas to disperse the protesters, who tried to block the road with metal barricades, dustbins and other debris.

Several loud bangs could be heard. Protesters hurled objects at the police, booed and set a bin on fire.

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Earlier in the day, a French police source told Reuters that about 152 protesters had been detained near the Champs-Elysees as they tried to stage a protest.

Two prominent members of the movement, Jerome Rodrigues and Maxime Nicolle, were both detained by the police, according to AFP.

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Mr Macron, who has faced months of protests from the "yellow vests", was joined by German chancellor Angela Merkel at a showcase of European defence cooperation today.

Flags from the 10 countries of the European Intervention Initiative, a joint military pact created last year, led Sunday's parade in Paris.


Alongside more than 4000 armed forces and more than 100 aircraft, the parade also saw a "flying soldier" as French inventor Franky Zapata soared through the air on his so-called Flyboard.

Although the clashes between protesters and police came after the parade, Mr Macron was audibly booed as he rode down the Champs-Elysées earlier in the day.

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Weekly demonstrations by yellow vest protesters have dwindled in size to just a few hundred people in recent weeks from about 300,000 nationwide in November.

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