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'She just added caviar!' MasterChef fans mock finalist Tessa Boersma, 27, after she earns a spot in the top five for garnishing her 'fish and butter' dish with the pricey ingredient

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Channel Ten's MasterChef competition is almost over.    

And on Sunday night's 'finals week' episode, finalist Tessa Boersma's winning dish left viewers with a bad taste in their mouths.   

After a rocky night in the kitchen, the 27-year-old decided to add caviar to her John Dory meal with  almonds, capers and grapes.

Tessa appeared anxious as she presented the dish to the awaiting judges chef Gary Mehigan, chef George Calombaris and food critic Matt Preston.

'Facing the judges, I feel really nervous,' she said. 'I'm hoping I've done enough.' 

The New Zealand-born chef, however, didn't need to be concerned with her effort, as the judges immediately praised the dish. 

Upon tasting the dish, it was Gary who started giving the praise, saying Tessa deserved a place as a chef at a top restaurant. 

'Tessa, be careful. Be careful, because you know what's happening here? You are setting yourself up for a very inglorious and very hard career in the kitchen.'

He continued: 'And a top kitchen somewhere, much like Kylie Millar, you know, who went off to Mugaritz, did a couple of seasons, worked for Ben Shewry at Attica.'

The praise didn't end there, Gary continued: 'That's where you're heading. 'Cause that is rock-solid cooking that sets you up beautifully for that kind of career.'

Judge George also heaped the compliments on Tessa, calling her dish 'perfection on a plate.' 

'Would I change anything? No. It is just spot-on. And it's, for me, your best dish ever in this competition.'

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Twitter fans erupted in anger over the dish, claiming it was simple aside from the pricey caviar sitting on the side. 

One fan wrote: 'Tessa just secretly added some caviar and suddenly had an excellent dish.'

Another fan added, poking fun of the judges' praise: 'This is an OK dish' *adds caviar 'STUNNING DISH! THE BEST IN HISTORY.'

Another continued: 'Did she get through on flavour, or on the sole fact she dropped a few hundred dollars on the plate with that caviar?'

Despite the upset, MasterChef had an action packed night with Larissa, Tessa and Simon cooking well enough to save them from the first elimination. 

Meanwhile, Anushka, Tim and Nicole will compete in the pressure test on Monday night, with one of the three to be eliminated.

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