Where To Find The Chests In Treasure Hunt: Coast Of Wrecks In The Witcher 3

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Novigrad's harbor and status as a free city makes it a crucial port for ships traveling through the Northern Realms. Not only does this mean that the city has grown rich from the trade, it also means that Geralt can grow rich from lost cargo in The Witcher 3 Treasure Hunt: Coast of Wrecks.

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This treasure hunt gives you not one, but four chests scattered around the rocky outcroppings south of Novigrad's docks and full of valuable loot to pilfer. This guide will help you find both the quest and the individual chests to bring this hunt to a swift conclusion.

This Treasure Hunt will have you searching the coast southwest of Novigrad, near the Widow's Grotto Fast Trave point. You'll have to swim out to a trio of tiny islands, where you will find a chest with a letter.

The chest will glow red when observed with Geralt's Witcher Senses, if you are struggling to spot it.

The chest is surrounded by mucknixers and drowners, which you will have to kill first. Once the necrophages have been dealt with, you can search the chest, read the letter, and start the quest.

You need to find four chests in the ocean, within a fairly large search area. These chests are both sunken underwater and washed up on a nearby island.

West Of The First Chest

You can find a chest to the west of the letter-containing chest, just below the surface next to it.

In The Middle Of The Search Area

There is a chest sunken in an underwater cave, protected by a few drowners between the islands.

By An Explosive Barrel

The southernmost island has a chest on the shore, next to an explosive barrel.

Southernmost Point

On the same southernmost island, you can find another chest at the south edge of the search area.

The chests contain both loot and diagrams, which may be immensely helpful early in your journey.

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