Sonic Superstars is getting a Lego DLC, but game still has no release date

Digital Trends 23.06.2023 19:24:10 Giovanni Colantonio

Sonic Superstars still doesn't have a firm release date, but Sega revealed a new tidbit about the game today. The retro throwback will receive a Lego-themed DLC, though its not fully clear what the expansion entails just yet.

The news comes from today's Sonic Central stream, which unveiled a batch of updates on the iconic series. The presentation closed out with a segment that included new footage for Sonic Superstars and a quick developer interview. Fans figured the showcase would reveal the game's official release date, but that didn't happen. Instead, Sega's big news came in the form of DLC.

It's not exactly clear how the LegoDLC works, but it got an impressive trailer during the showcase. The clip shows a full stop-motion battle between Lego Sonic and Eggman, but it doesn't appear to be actual gameplay footage. All we really learned for sure is that players can unlock a Lego Eggman skin by preordering the game, which had been previously revealed. Otherwise, we'll have to wait to see the full scope of the collaboration.

The rest of the Sonic Central stream was similarly light on new announcements. We got a new trailer for Sonic Origins Plus, which launches today, as well as a refresher on what's coming to Sonic Frontiers' birthday DLC, also available today. Otherwise, the show was more focused on brand partnerships and merch, with news on Sonic-themed Crocs, guitars, toys, and more.

As for Sonic Superstars, you can still expect it to launch sometime this fall for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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