Hallmark Fans Threaten to "Stop Watching" After Devastating 'Mystery 101' News

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It's a sad time for fans of Hallmark Movies and Mysteries' beloved series Mystery 101.

After four years and seven installments, viewers of the Kristoffer Polaha and Jill Wagner-led movies were stunned to learn that Hallmark chose to end the popular franchise. The network shared the news in the comments of a Facebook post on April 24, which featured a photo of Kristoffer portraying police detective Travis Burke. When a follower wrote how they didn't want the series to be left on a "cliffhanger," the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries' official account replied back with a grim update on the future of Mystery 101.

"We loved making Mystery 101 and we're so glad you enjoyed sleuthing along with us," read the response. "We want to let you know that our talented sleuths have solved the last mystery and are off the case. In the coming weeks and months there are exciting new mysteries on the way that we know you'll love!"

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When fans learned the fate of the Mystery 101 series, it left many upset because the last film, Deadly History, ended in 2021 without a resolution. As a result, they took to the comments section lamenting how sad they were about it not coming back.

"I can't believe this show was canceled. It was so good. Might have to stop watching the channel," one person wrote on Facebook. "Cannot believe you have canceled one of the best!!! You leave us hanging!! Not right!! ??????," another added. "How can they cancel one of the most popular series? ??," a different follower said.

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As fans of Mystery 101 know, the last movie ended with a time jump almost a year into the future. Jill's character Amy tells Travis that she loved him earlier on, but the final moments see him being surprised by her presence at a crime scene. He then learns the victim is Amy 'a fiancé, leaving everyone to wonder what happens next.

In case folks were still holding on to hope that the network would backtrack on the decision, it doesn't sound like this is the case. Speaking with The U.S. Sun, Hallmark Media's President and CEO Wonya Lucas shared why the franchise was axed.

"Well, we hadn't done it in a long, long time, right? And we just brought the mysteries back," she told the outlet. "We're just looking at mysteries a little differently now. We've created some new mysteries, in addition to some that we've had in the past. So, it's just an evolution of our mysteries. We're just doing a lot of new things."

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