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Tim Scott slams hosts of 'The View' for 'dangerous, disgusting' comments on race

The Hill logo The Hill 23.06.2023 19:24:00 Dominick Mastrangelo

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) blasted the co-hosts of ABC's "The View" on Friday for comments made on the show about race and opportunity in America.

"Joy Behar told me I don't know what it's like to be Black," Scott said during a speech at a Faith and Freedom Coalition event, in Washington, D.C. "Like to go on that show and have a conversation with them on 'The View.' Because I gotta say, their comments were offensive, and dangerous, and disgusting."

Scott told the crowd he confronted the daytime talkshow's all-female hosts over their commentary on issues of race, abortion and other hot political topics.

Scott's appearance on the daytime table talk program came earlier this month, and he debated the panel on how American leaders should address racial inequality.

"One of the things I think about and one of the reasons why I'm on the show is because of the comments that were made, frankly, on this show that the only way for a young African American kid to be successful in this country is to be the exception and not the rule," Scott told co-host of the show.

A month earlier, Behar, a longtime host of the show, who was not present during Scott's appearance, said the Republican senator is "one of these guys, like Clarence Thomas, Black Republicans, who believes in pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, rather than understanding the systemic racism that African Americans face in this country."

"He doesn't get it," she added. "Neither does Clarence. That's why they're Republicans."

Scott was at one point during his appearance on "The View" booed by the in-studio audience, prompting host Whoopi Goldberg to admonish the crowd and urge civility toward the show's guests.

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