Wemby is HYPED for Texas breakfast tacos, proving wisdom beyond his years

SB Nation 23.06.2023 18:54:42 James Dator

Getting drafted in the NBA is a wild experience that changes a player's life upside down in a moment. They have to get used to the fame, the fortune, moving to a new city, and starting a new life. This is an especially big jump for Victor Wembanyama, who leaves France behind and heads to Texas - but one thing about this move is already on his mind.

Power move. True, brilliant, power move. The most important part of moving to a new town is quickly identifying the best food in your area, and it's clear Wemby already has that on lock. This is especially important when that food is something as brilliant as breakfast tacos, and you need to put on 10-15 pounds to really dominate in the paint.

I think 15 pounds of taco weight is easily achievable when the local paper ALREADY HAS A LIST OF THE 24 BEST BREAKFAST TACO PLACES IN TOWN!


Most cities would lust after having a few good breakfast taco places, but San Antonio is all like "we've got 24 for you." Look at some of these things and salivate.




These are just three places, and there's a whole new world of breakfast tacos for Wemby to explore.

Now, I often like to close blogs like this with a challenge - so I'm laying down the gauntlet to the breakfast taco luminaries of San Antonio. It's time someone comes up with a signature Wemby taco that is the French/Mexican fusion we've been waiting for. I'll leave it up to the chefs, but please consider the following ideas for free:

I'm going to need to see the Wemby breakfast taco by next week, San Antonio.

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