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Paddington 3: Everything you need to know

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Paul King

Paddington 3, also known as Paddington in Peru, is adding some major movie stars to its cast, including Olivia Colman, Antonio Banderas, Rachel Zegler and Emily Mortimer. Yes, the third movie is definitely happening!

In June 2022, Studiocanal confirmed the official title of the threequel, Paddington in Peru, and announced it will be directed by Dougal Wilson, who is responsible for some of the biggest music videos and commercials in recent times, including the 2021 John Lewis Christmas advert.

Wilson is taking over directorial duties from Paul King, who is executive producing the movie and has written a story alongside Simon Farnaby and Mark Burton, with a screenplay by Burton, Jon Foster and James Lamont.

"After ten years of working on the Paddington movies, I feel absurdly protective of the little bear, and I'm delighted that Dougal will be there to hold his paw as he embarks on his third big screen adventure," King said.

"Dougal's work is never less than astounding: funny, beautiful, heartfelt, imaginative, and totally original. Aunt Lucy once asked us to 'Please Look After This Bear'. I know Dougal will do so admirably."

As we wait (im)patiently for the new movie to arrive, here's everything you need to know about Paddington 3, aka Paddington in Peru.

While we know that Paddington 3 is on the way, we don't yet have a confirmed release date for the third movie.

We do at least have good news about when the movie is going to start filming - and it's soon. In April 2023, it was reported that Paddington in Peru will go into production on July 24 this year.

Of course, that means we may still have to wait a while for a finished movie to be released in cinemas. The first two Paddington movies were released in November 2014 and November 2017. We'd assume they'll stick to that November release window, so maybe we'll be reunited with the bear in November 2024.

It wouldn't be a Paddington movie without Ben Whishaw as the bear himself, along with Hugh Bonneville, Julie Walters, Madeleine Harris and Samuel Joslin as the Brown family.

Sadly, Sally Hawkins is stepping down as Mrs Brown, as the character is taken over by Emily Mortimer. "For me it has felt the right time to hand the reins over to another, and one can't get much better than the truly wonderful Emily Mortimer, she is extraordinarily special," the actress said (via Variety).

"She will embody the essence of Mary Brown and yet make it utterly her own. However, I am, and will always be in love with Paddington's world. I already greatly miss my on and off-screen family - the experience of making the first two films has truly been some of the best and most creative times I have had in the world of film."

Other additions to the cast could include Olivia Colman, Antonio Banderas, and Rachel Zegler, as it was reported by Variety on June 23 that they are in talks to join the production.

Imelda Staunton and Michael Gambon will likely both be back to voice Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo, although the latter would have to be in flashbacks.

We wouldn't be surprised to find the residents of Windsor Gardens making an appearance too, so returns for Sanjeev Bhaskar, Ben Miller, Jessica Hynes and Doctor Who's Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi would not be a surprise.

Likewise, Mr Gruber's antique shop is surely due to feature, which would mean Jim Broadbent reprising his role. Chatting exclusively to Digital Spy for his movie The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, Broadbent wouldn't say much about his involvement in the new Paddington film, but did say that the chances of Mr Gruber returning were "very, very likely." (We'll take that as a yes).

Knuckles McGinty and his fellow prisoners from Paddington 2 may be less likely to appear, but we wouldn't completely rule out finding Brendan Gleeson, Tom Davis and Noah Taylor back for the threequel.

If anything, we'd be a bit disappointed if they didn't appear.

However, we are sure we can expect to hear the amazing sounds of Tobago and d'Lime, the musical act who've peppered both Paddington films so far with their lilting Caribbean sounds.

Aside from the fact that we know Paddington is heading to Peru, we don't know anything about what the new movie will be about.

However, there's always some nefarious criminal activity taking place in the Paddington flicks. Be it kidnapping or stealing a book or wrongful imprisonment, the franchise has it all, so maybe that's what draws him back to his homeland.

Could Nicole Kidman return to exact revenge on Peru's finest? Or will Hugh Grant get out early (for musically good behaviour) and also seek recompense from the bear? A mouth-watering double-villain team-up?

While it is happening, Paddington 3 has yet to start filming, so footage is a while away yet unfortunately.

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