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BBC confirms new comedy drama We Might Regret This

Digital Spy (UK) logo Digital Spy (UK) 23.06.2023 18:54:32 Dan Seddon
Kyla Harris and Lee Getty

Big Boys and Stath Lets Flats producer Roughcut TV is teaming up with the BBC for a brand-new comedy series titled We Might Regret This.

Inspired by the lives of its creators Kyla Harris and Lee Getty, We Might Regret This will circle a relationship in its infancy; an "impending blended family", plus an "intense female friendship", according to an official announcement from the BBC.

Freya (played by Harris) is a Canadian artist in her thirties, who is tetraplegic. She relocates to London for Abe (played by Killing Eve's Darren Boyd), a lawyer in his fifties who's described as someone who "thinks he's the old dog that can learn new tricks". Their whirlwind romance means that they quickly move in together.

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Living together will also involve finding personal assistants to support Freya, and the synopsis for the show notes that they're "always there - a third person in earshot for every romantic moment and domestic screaming match".

The synopsis continues: "After failing to find the right person for this more than intimate role, Freya invites chaotic and impulsive best friend Jo (played by Industry's Elena Saurel) to take the job. What could go wrong?"

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In a joint statement, Harris and Getty said: "We are thrilled that Roughcut TV, the BBC and Village Roadshow Television feel that our messiest and most joyous lived experiences of friendship, love and disability can amuse audiences. And here we just thought they were bad decisions."

Roughcut TV's creative director Alex Smith added: "There's a unique and highly authored show here, which will engage comedy and drama lovers like nothing before.

"A production bursting with talent in front and behind the camera, we know we WON'T regret this."

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