Drivers In Oregon Will Finally Be Allowed To Pump Their Own Gas

Jalopnik 23.06.2023 18:54:13 Collin Woodard
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For most of the country, the idea of pulling into a gas station and then waiting for someone to come over and pump your gas for you is just weird. Millions of people pump their own gas every day without blowing themselves up or dumping it all over the ground. But with some exceptions, if you're getting gas in Oregon, you haven't actually been allowed to pump your own gas. Until now.

Oregon Live reports that state lawmakers recently passed a bill that will end the requirement for an attendant to pump your gas for you. You'll still be able to get the full-service experience if you want, but now only half the pumps will be required to have attendants. The rest can be opened for self-service. Either way, though, you'll be paying the same price because the bill doesn't allow for a discount if you pump your own gas.

The bill reportedly passed the state's House back in March and just passed the Senate with a vote of 16 to nine. And unlike so many bills these days, it was a bipartisan effort. That said, while four Republicans and the only Independent didn't vote, all the no votes came from Democrats.

The bill had the support of the Northwest Grocery Association, which reportedly claimed it's hard to hire enough attendants, which means half of the pumps are frequently closed anyway, so it wouldn't eliminate jobs. And while some Oregon residents have been adamant that they don't want to give up the convenience, plenty of others expressed support for being allowed to skip the line and pump their own gas just like nearly everyone else in the U.S.

Assuming Governor Tina Kotek signs the bill, it would go into effect immediately, leaving New Jersey as the only state that still doesn't allow self-service. Come on, New Jersey. Give it up. Join the other 49 states. We're doing just fine.

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