3 best Netflix shows to watch (and 2 to skip) this weekend, June 23

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Netflix viewers enjoy spending time bingeing Netflix shows during their weekend downtime. This week, the streamer has a great list of new titles, including Glamorous, the animated Skull Island, and more.

This week's top Netflix shows include the latest season of Black Mirror, eight seasons of Suits, the final season of Never Have I Ever, and Our Planet II. 

July is quickly approaching, and Netflix has a great lineup of new releases for the upcoming month. Series with new seasons in July include The Lincoln Lawyer, Sweet Magnolias, and The Witcher.

WATCH! The series Glamorous features the story of Marco (Miss Benny), who gets a summer internship to help the failing brand Glamorous reestablish itself. Under the tutelage of beauty icon Madolyn Addison, played by Kim Cattrall, Marco will learn all she knows.

SKIP! While the premise of Let's Get Divorced sounds appealing, the storyline is far too long to carry it off. The new rom-com on Netflix follows a rookie politician and his actor wife as they experience marital troubles and decide to split up. Their families and agents are against the divorce and do everything to stop it from happening. Skipping this one is an okay thing to do.

WATCH! Skull Island is a new animated series that marks the fifth installment of Legendary's Monsterverse. With an impressive list of voice talent, including Nicolas Cantu, Mae Whitman, Darren Barnet, Benjamin Bratt, and Betty Gilpin, this series sees a new group of explorers shipwrecked on the island and forced to face the ferocious inhabitants, including Kong.

SKIP! The second part of Break Point is now available to stream with five brand-new episodes. These episodes continue storylines from the first five, introducing new faces and clashes. This series is great for avid tennis fans; otherwise, skip this one.

WATCH! The second season of History Channel's The UnXplained is available to stream. Hosted by William Shatner, this series  "explore subjects that have mystified mankind for centuries." With 18 episodes, this season explores topics such as superhuman senses, the truth about UFOs, mysteries of the Bible, the truth about bigfoot, serial killers, and more.

Enjoy some great Netflix Shows this weekend!

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