Dermot Mulroney Walks Off 'The View' to Show Support for Ongoing Writers Strike

ETOnline 23.06.2023 18:54:01 Stacy Lambe?

Dermot Mulroney showed his support for the Writers Guild of America's ongoing strike with Hollywood studios by walking out of his interview on The View. ET has learned that the actor, who was there to discuss his career as well as his latest role on the Marvel series Secret Invasion, made the demonstration during a pre-taped segment for Friday's episode of the daytime talk show. 

Apparently, the incident was pre-planned and Mulroney's "symbolic" gesture happened toward the end of his interview with longtime host Joy Behar, who was filling in as moderator for Whoopi Goldberg. Prior to walking off set, the 59-year-old actor asked if the show was going to break for commercial and stated that he was going to walk off. 

Before leaving, Mulroney said, "Love you, thank you," to the hosts, who reportedly remained professional throughout the segment. The moment is also set to air for views on ABC as it happened during the taping.

"Since I have such respect for The View, a news program with a heart, it was there that I felt comfortable enough to draw attention to the ongoing WGA strike for fair wages and working hours," Mulroney said in a statement to Variety. "I find it incredibly important to continue to support the union."

The View, meanwhile, has largely been unaffected by the writers strike since the show is mostly unscripted in nature, with the ongoing fight for fair compensation mentioned regularly on the show by the co-hosts. ET has also learned a few the show's writers were directly impacted when the Guild went on strike, but those roles have not been filled by anyone else on staff in the time since. 

A few days prior, Mulroney appeared on The Today, where he snapped a selfie and wrote, "news show - no WGA writers," clarifying his continued support for the strike.

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