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Cats, cats and more cats: 21 pictures of your feline friends on take your cat to work day 2023

Lancashire Post logo Lancashire Post 23.06.2023 18:24:30 Jon Peake

Take your cat to work day - your pictures of your feline friends.

With a lot of workers still not back in the office, or only in the office part time, take your cat to work day (June 19) was pretty simple this year.

I myself have a furry colleague, who sits behind me in my home office, sleeping and preening all day. It's a tough life!

But she keeps me company in this modern way of working and I'm thankful for that.

So when we asked on our Facebook page for pictures of your feline friends at work with you on national take your cat to work day, we got plenty of WFH cats.

Here's a selection of your pictures ...

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