The Best Rage Moves For Gau In FF6 Pixel Remaster

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Gau is one of the most interesting characters in Final Fantasy 6. Playing the role of a Blue Mage, who learn spells and abilities by fighting enemies through random encounters, Gau can learn myriad attacks, buffs, and healing spells through a desert-like area called The Veldt, making him one of the strongest party members in the game.

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Gau's unique play style opens up many opportunities for creativity within his builds. He can spec into a healer with party-wide heals or can become a high-damage HP sponge known as a warrior that can destroy full parties of enemies and even cheese out some difficult bosses with fun gimmicks to make any playthrough more interesting than the last.

Updated June 19, 2023 by Jesus Morales: With Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remaster launched for even more platforms than before, we decided it was time to take another look at our favorite wild Veldt kid and some of the other great moves that he can learn. Just staring at the full list of 253 Rage moves that Gau can learn can be a bit overwhelming, so hopefully these can narrow down which ones to hunt for.

If you're feeling up to it, you can build Gau into a full-blown healer bot. If so, then Cure3 is the best healing spell that Gau can learn through monsters in game. You'll be excited to know that you can get this skill from a MagicUrn as soon as you receive your airship in the World of Ruin segment of the story.

With this skill you can focus the remaining three members of your party as supports or head on attackers, leaving the small child to take care of the party's healing.

Speed is always a crucial stat in every JRPG game. Sometimes you don't need a healer if you can skip your foe's turns by simply being faster than them. With Haste2, Gau can buff the entire party so that their ATB (Active Time Battle) bar fills up quicker.

A faster ATB bar means your party members can act faster, meaning they can burst down any boss that they need to or even heal giant attacks without skipping a single beat.

While Wind Slash is not the best move for Gau, especially in the end game, it is a crucial move to his kit if you're trying to level up quick. Wind Slash is an AoE attack that will hit every enemy on the screen, making grinding random encounters a breeze. (get it? wind?)

Although Wind Slash is a very low-power move, you can pick it up easily of a Guard Leader as soon as you recruit Gau, making it one of the easiest and best Rages to have early on.

With the many combinations of gear, relics, and Rage moves that Gau has at his disposal, his build opportunities are plentiful. If the need arises, Gau can even spec into a makeshift healer of sorts and White Wind is the most powerful Rage in that healer toolbox.

White Wind is a huge party-wide heal that will recover the party's health equal to Gau's current health. Meaning that a maxed-out Gau will heal the party for a whopping 9,999! Be careful when using it frequently because once it is cast, White Wind gives Gau a weakness to water and ice attacks.

Sonic Boom is an interesting Rage for Gau to learn. It can output a big amount of damage, but it is solely reliant on the amount of HP that the enemy has. The lower the HP, the lower the damage output. This means that this move is perfect for big enemies like bosses or monsters found in optional dungeons like the Dragons' Den.

The biggest downside of this Rage is that it will take a couple of more Rages to defeat the enemy with this move. Luckily, it gives the bonus of inflicting sap, giving Gau and the party some health back as well.

General Leo's signature move can only be learned from fighting Yojimbo in the Veldt, but it is one of the most powerful, and not to mention useful, Rage spells in the game. When cast, Shock will hit every enemy on screen dealing huge non-elemental damage even when surrounded.

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Shock will get the party out of a pickle, and swiftly. Shock will also facilitate farming levels since Shock will wipe most enemies in an instant to quickly jump into the next fight efficiently and give you enough time to dance with your favorite moogle, Mog!

Catscratch is a must-have for any playthrough using Gau. Being one of the first skills that you can acquire, Catscratch's mileage will Gau's strength to the next level. This Rage skill has hardly any flaws to speak of, and the fact that it can proc a quadruple hit, making it mandatory for any Gau player to unlock.

When unlocking the character Gogo, Gau can even team up with him, making Catscratch even more deadly. Catscratch is simply put, the best physical-based attack that Gau can learn.

Traveler is the most gimmicky Rage move of them all, albeit one of the most interesting (and definitely the most fun.) Traveler does damage based on how many steps your character has taken in game divided by 32. That means that it will only take 319,968 steps to deal the max damage of 9,999.

If Gau obtains the Traveler Rage early enough, you could run in circles for a couple of hours and absolutely destroy everything in your path. Such a small price to pay for absolute devastation.

If Catscratch is the best physical Rage that Gau can learn, then Metal Cutter is its magical counterpart. As long as the enemies have low magic resistance, the Metal Cutter will slice and dice enemies in one fell swoop. The Metal Cutter can also be used to farm battles since it can target all enemies on screen as well.

Just make sure to equip Fire nullifying relics since Gau will be debuffed with a fire weakness when using this Rage, making him easily targeted by characters like those pesky Bombs.

Another physical attack in the vein of Catscratch, but Growl's case, the Rage move can only hit up to two times. Growl also grants Gau the Protect buff, actively raising Gau's defense for protection from incoming physical attacks specifically.

Although Growl cannot shred through hordes of enemies as fast as Catscratch or Edgar's chainsaw and many more of his tools, the protect buff it offers can come in handy when building Gau to be slightly more sustainable as a healer or even a tank-like party member. Seeing a little boy tanking hits from giant mechs is one of the best things that this game has to offer.

There are definitely better fire-based Rage moves, but there are none as consistent as Firaga. It hits like a truck and its only downside is it gives Gau a very upsetting ice weakness, but it can be remedied by the right combination of relics.

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Firaga can be very devastating, but it's far more efficient as a single target spell since it is very expensive in terms of MP usage when clearing out groups of enemies in one fell swoop. The biggest downside is there are only two enemies that can give Gau the Rage, and they are both located in the World of Ruin.

Blizzaga is the ice equivalent of Firaga. If the need to dispatch fire-based enemies quickly arises, Blizzaga is the way to go. Very easy to acquire in the World of Ruin and gives Gau a ton of buffs and even Float which makes Gau completely immune to earth-based attacks, which are plentiful in Final Fantasy 6 and can make the playthrough a total nightmare if not prepared correctly for those fights.

The biggest problem with Blizzaga is that if Gau's MP reaches zero, he will be KO'd. Have those ethers ready!

Poison is always a fun route to take when playing an RPG. Not only is it fun and extremely satisfying to beat an enemy by basically doing nothing, it frees up a turn to give the party an extra ability to cast. Whether it is healing, buffing, or rebuffing. Poison works a bit different in games like Final Fantasy, especially 6, where there are many machine-based enemies on which poison clearly doesn't work.

For this reason, Bio is mostly good during the early game when the encounters mostly consist of monsters and imperial guards. That doesn't take away from the fact that Bio is a superb Rage for Gau to have. With the right Relic, Bio will make Gau almost invincible due to the fact that Bio gives Gau 7 absorptions.

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