Genshin Impact Reveals Fontaine and Version 3.8 Event

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Genshin Impact held its Special Program livestream for Version 3.8, but it also gave players a significant glimpse into Fontaine. Eula and Klee will return to Genshin Impact as the featured Banner characters for Version 3.8, with the latter half being dedicated to the Wanderer and Kokomi. Unlike past Genshin Impact updates, Secret Summer Paradise will not introduce a new character, though with the long absence that Eula has had, this will be the first opportunity for many players to get their hands on the best Physical damage dealer in the game.

The flagship event in Version 3.8 will star Klee and Eula, and will take place inside a magical bottle in the desert. Players will be able to earn new currency in the event that will allow them to claim a stylish new skin for Kaeya, one of the oldest Genshin Impact characters, as well as purchase a new Klee skin at a generous discount for the duration of Secret Summer Paradise. Kaeya will be receiving a hangout, and players will also be able to claim Layla as a free character after completing the event.

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However, the livestream completely caught players by surprise when HoYoverse unveiled almost two full minutes of Fontaine footage, teasing one of its upcoming characters, the city of Fontaine itself, as well as the Hydro Traveler's kit in an underwater setting. Fontaine in Genshin Impact will introduce fans to the steampunk Nation of Justice, and it's slated to arrive some time in Fall 2023. Until then, they will have a chance to save up their Primogems for the new cast of characters coming in Version 4.0.

A tradition for Special Program livestreams, HoYoverse also handed out three Primogem codes for Genshin Impact players to redeem: QBQ2NH6DB4Z9, 2SR3PY7CA52V, 6A836GNUA52Z. In addition to the codes, fans will be able to earn a substantial amount of Primogems from the flagship event's minigames, which will hopefully allow them a few free pulls on the Version's character and weapon banners.

Though some players have enjoyed Version 3.7 being largely centered around Genshin Impact's Genius Invokation TGC, Version 3.8 will go back to a more standard type of gameplay. With leaks being abundant once again in the Genshin Impact community, fans have a much more concrete idea on what to expect in the next Chapter of the story, as many highly-anticipated Fatui Harbingers such as Sandrone and Arlecchino are allegedly slated to make their debut.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, Mobile, PS4, and PS5. A Switch port is also in development.

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