NBA Fans Are In Awe After They Saw Victor Wembanyama's Sister On Draft Night: "She Is Absolutely Beautiful"

Fadeaway World 23.06.2023 18:24:12 Aikansh Chaudhary

Victor Wembanyama was the focus of the 2023 NBA Draft, at least for the most part. He was selected as the number one overall pick by the San Antonio Spurs.

After the announcement, it was Wembanyama's sister who stole the show for fans. His sister, Eve Wembanyama, caught the attention of fans during the post-selection interview of the 7'5" phenom.

Eve went viral online. Evidently, NBA fans on Twitter didn't shy away from sharing their thoughts about her.

A fan had a unique praise for Eve.

A fan praised Wembanyama for how he protected his sister's honor.

NBA analyst Ashley Nicole Moss praised Eve's beauty.

A fan found an interesting way to show their love for Eve.

Another fan with praise for Wembanyama's sister.

Just like her brother, Eve is also a basketball player. She took place in the 3x3 FIBA-U16 Women's European Championship and led France to a Bronze medal. Unlike her brother's towering stature, Eve is 6'1".

The 22-year-old's Instagram handle is @eve_wemba. Fans can follow her on Instagram to check out more of her stunning photographs.

The San Antonio Spurs landed a jackpot by drafting Victor Wembanyama in the 2023 NBA Draft. The towering forward/center has the potential to possibly become the greatest basketball player of all time.

But will he spend his entire career with the Spurs? ESPN's Keyshawn Johnson believes the 19-year-old will be on his way out from San Antonio within the next five years. Johnson thinks Wembanyama will eventually don the iconic Purple and Gold jersey.

"Wembanyama is going to be brought up to speed with the Spurs before he becomes a Laker in the next five years," Johnson said. "So, that's how I am kind of how I am looking at it. In the end, he'll have a purple and gold on because you know we target guys. We specifically look for certain guys. That's what we do."

Johnson may have gotten ahead of himself as Wembanyama's NBA career hasn't even started yet and the ESPN analyst is talking about his next team. As of now, Wembanyama must be focused on celebrating his selection as the number one overall pick in the draft.

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