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'Unfair': Martha Stewart Fires Back After Kara Swisher Compares Her Legal Issues to Those of Disgraced Entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes

OK! Magazine logo OK! Magazine 23.06.2023 18:24:08 Jaclyn Roth

Don't mess with Martha Stewart!

While speaking with podcaster Kara Swisher, the two discussed how the cookbook author served five months in federal prison after being found guilty of a number of felony charges related to inside trading.

"I look back on it as kind of silly but serious infringement of a person's rights. It seems to me improbable that that could have happened," Stewart, 81, explained on the Thursday, June 22, episode of "On with Kara Swisher" podcast. "If I had had better advice, if I had taken it more - I took it seriously, but I didn't know the consequences. I had no idea that that would make such a huge difference."

The Sports Illustrated cover star made it clear that she was not part of insider trading, but she was "convicted of a crime of lying."

"One of the things I always thought was that - interesting that you're the only woman - person that goes away for insider trading and all those men do it all the time," Swisher said.

"But it wasn't insider trading," Stewart repeated.

"I get it. But I mean, talking about targeting," Swisher said.

The blonde beauty then hinted there's more to the story, as she believes she was targeted, though she didn't divulge much because she wants to save it for her upcoming autobiography.

"I don't think it's gonna be the case with Elizabeth Holmes, though. I don't think when she gets off," Swisher said after talking about how prison can affect one's life.

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"Don't compare me to Elizabeth Holmes, that is a very unfair comparison," Stewart shot back about Holmes, who was sentenced to over 11 years in prison after she was convicted on multiple charges of defrauding investors while running the now-defunct startup.

"I would agree," Swisher said. "I would agree. Although the only comparison I'd make, it's interesting that only women seem to pay the price. There's a lot of Elizabeth Holmes like characters floating around tech."

In October 2017, the TV star got candid about her life behind bars during an interview with Katie Couric on her podcast.

"It was horrifying, and no one - no one - should have to go through that kind of indignity, really, except for murderers, and there are a few other categories," she stated. "But no one should have to go through that. It's a very, very awful thing."

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