East London resident horrified as fox impaled on metal pole in Stratford garden

MyLondon 23.06.2023 17:54:26 Tai Kolade
Fox who was impaled on metal pole

A resident was left horrified after discovering a fox became impaled on a metal pole in a garden in East London. The accident is thought to have happened when the fox fell from a shed roof and landed on the pole, with it piercing through the fox's leg.

A resident found the stuck animal and called the RSPCA to the garden in Stratford to save the animal from its distress on Monday, June 19.

RSPCA inspector Shahnaz Ahmed attended the address and said: "When I arrived the poor fox was stuck on the pole by his right rear leg and unable to get away."

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Inspector Ahmed added: "I managed to free him, and miraculously the pole had avoided any bone or muscle and the fox was able to bear weight and wasn't even bleeding from the wound.

"He's been taken to South Essex Wildlife Hospital, where he'll be kept until he fully recovers before being released near to where he was found. We're grateful the resident called us - hopefully he'll make a full recovery."

Anyone who is concerned for the welfare of an animal or who sees an animal in distress should visit the RSPCA website.

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