Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Rattled Ralera Guide

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Taking the established formula from Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has continued to build on top of that foundation for its sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Taking the core map of Hyrule, albeit with some tweaks and changes, Tears of the Kingdom adds sky island to explore and a cavernous Depths area filled with dangerous monsters, hidden collectibles, and a new debilitating status effect called Gloom.

In addition to the main storyline centered around the disappearance of Princess Zelda and the return of Ganondorf, Tears of the Kingdom features a surprising amount of side quests and activities to work through. Some of these range from speaking to a specific person in a village to something a bit more complex and involved like the Call from the Depths. However, many of them will provide valuable rewards or at the very least, exploration of uncharted areas.

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Similar to Tarrey Town in Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom has players rebuilding the beach town of Lurelin Village. Doing so opens up new activities and side quests to partake in including helping someone named Ralera using food.

Tears of the Kingdom players will need to complete a bit or work before Rattled Ralera can be started. First, players should head to Lurelin Village, a small fishing town located in the Southeastern part of the map north of Korne Beach in the bay near Cape Cresia. The nearest fast travel location is the Sifimum Shrine on the cliffs overlooking the village.

Two quests need to be finished before this one becomes available with the first one being Ruffian-Infested Village from the village leader Rozel at the shrine. Essentially, this mission tasks Link with clearing out the monster forces occupying the town. While this mission is available at anytime, lower level players may want to earn a few heart pieces and equip better armor first as the forces here are stronger than they seem.

Once the town has been freed, players should speak to Bolson to begin the second quest called Lurelin Village Restoration Project to rebuild the town after the monster destruction. After finding enough Hylian Rice and tree logs, players will work with Bolson to restore the village to its former glory.

With the town back up and running, players can now find Ralera, a former Hateno Village citizen who has moved back to Lurelin. Players can easily spot her in her Cece-inspired outfit by her house on the west side of the village. She's trying to come up with ideas to help people return to the newly rebuilt village, but has become too hungry to focus on the task at hand.

To satisfy Ralera's request, players will need to create Seafood Curry with the following ingredients.

Thankfully, these resources aren't terribly hard to come by and can be found or purchased in multiple places. Here are the best places to find each item:

The first ingredient is a type of fish and better yet, this dish can use any type of Porgy found in the world. While it's possible some players may already have a Porgy on hand, or one of its many variations, players can simply head over to the water next to the village to find one.

As its name implies, the best location to grab this is the General Store inside of Goron City. Head to the northwest part of Hyrule, near Death Mountain to come across the city.

The final ingredient is Hylian Rice, an item which was also needed to begin the Restoration Project quest, so players may already have some ready to go. If not, Hylian Rice can be purchased from a number of general stores including Hateno Village, Gerudo Town, and Zora's Domain. Advance time by a day to restock store shelves if needed. Alternatively, players can slash at tall grass out in the world to have a chance at finding Hylian Rice, though it should be noted that this method can be a lot slower than simply buying it at a store.

One all three ingredients are collected, players should cook them together to create Seafood Curry. Hand it over to Ralera to advance to the next step.

As good as the curry was, it turns out to be a bit hotter than Ralera thought. While she's full now, she's now too hot to think and needs to be cooled down. Players will need a guster style weapon for this next part, so use Link's Fuse ability to attach a Korok frond or a flat wooden board to a weapon. Swing it at Ralera to shoot a breeze her way which will do the trick.

One Ralera is sufficiently cooled down enough, the quest will come to an end. Ralera places a flag of the village to attract those passing by and to let them know the area is once again safe. For all of their hard work, Ralera gives players the Lurelin Village Fabric which Tears of the Kingdom players can take to Hateno village to be made into a new glider material.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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