Street Fighter 6: Every Unlockable Outfit (& How to Get Them)

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Street Fighter 6 Unlockable Outfits for Marisa and JP

Every character in Street Fighter 6 has a second, unlockable outfit that players can get by interacting with the Masters in World Tour mode and increasing bond levels with each of them. By using some tricks in this single-player mode, players can rapidly boost these bonds to earn the outfits quickly. While players could also get these outfits by spending money, this way gets these costumes for free.

One option players have to gain an extra outfit for a character is to spend 50 Fighter Coins or 1,000 Drive Tickets in the Shop. Many of the outfits available for each member of Street Fighter 6's roster are classic costumes, and unlocking them all would take about 900 Fighter Coins in total. One bundle of 1,250 Coins costs around $23.99 USD, making this a fairly expensive option that may not be worth it in the long run.

The best way to unlock the Outfit 2 of every character in Street Fighter 6 is to maximize the bond with every Master in World Tour by giving the right gifts. Players can find Masters throughout the solo adventure of World Tour, learning moves and becoming stronger with the cast of characters in the game. They can also learn more about each character, using their moves in battle or giving gifts to raise a Bond Level.

Players must raise the Bond Level of a Master in World Tour mode to its maximum of 100 to unlock an alternate Outfit for that character in all other modes of the game.

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Raising the Bond Level of a character in World Tour to 100 unlocks their alternate Outfit and any additional colors that the costume might have. The best gifts to increase Bond Levels in Street Fighter 6's World Tour varies between Masters, but players who farm the right materials for each will be able to quickly boost these connections to their max. While players could also use the Style of their Masters in fights, this method takes far longer to raise Bond Levels.

Every Outfit unlocked from World Tour carries over into the other modes of the game, Fighting Ground and Battle Hub. Players are able to switch their Outfits for online matches by accessing the Battle Settings for individual characters. Future content for Street Fighter 6 might include more unlockable outfits for players to get, but as of this time of writing only one alternate exists for every character.

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