LIV Golf D.C. purse, payout breakdown: How much prize money will the winner make?

Sporting News 27.05.2023 10:02:12 Joe Rivera

Brooks Koepka enters the nation's capital with a lot more capital.

Koepka has had a nice run of golf in recent months: winning LIV Golf Orlando and adding $4 million to his bank account, and then sticking it to the PGA Tour by winning the PGA Championship last week.

Now, Koepka has an opportunity to keep his momentum from Oak Hill rolling through Washington. He is the winner of two LIV Golf events, one of only a few multi-tournament winners in the league, and he has sixth- and third-place finishes in the last two LIV tournaments he has played.

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Here's what to know about the purse for the next LIV Golf event this weekend:

As is the case with the other 13 events scheduled this year, the purse this week is $20 million for individuals and another $5 million for teams. That sets the total bank at $25 million. 

The only event that doesn't have a $25 million purse is the final event on the schedule, which is the team championship. That event carries a $50 million purse.

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The winner of this week's LIV Golf D.C. event at Trump National will get $4 million. That's the payout for all of LIV Golf's top-step winners in the 2023 slate.

The second-place winner takes home $2.125 million, while third place cashes a $1.5 million check. 

For comparison, Brooks Koepka cashed a $3.15 million check for his win at the PGA Championship, which is one of golf's four major events.

The first-place team in the tournament will take home $3 million which is then spread among its four players. Second place earns $1.5 million while third place gets $500,000.

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After first place, if two or more players are tied, the payout slots are averaged out. For example, if two players tie for second, then the payouts for second and third place are added and then divided evenly between them.

From No. 1 to No. 48, here's how each slot breaks down:

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