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Easiest and hardest UK places to pass driving test as staggering cost of learning revealed

Daily Express logo Daily Express 27.05.2023 09:32:20 Christopher Sharp
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According to Government data from March 2023, Britons have on average a 48.4 percent chance of passing their driving test.

Furthermore, in the period 2022/23 ytd 50.3 percent of men passed their best while in the same period, 46.4 percent of women passed their test, data which could change as the year continues.

According to the latest data, the place where drivers have the highest chances of passing is Benbecula, a Scottish Island in the Outer Hebrides where students have an 84.6 percent chance of passing their practical test.

On the other hand, Speke, Liverpool, is where drivers are least likely to pass their practical. Students taking their test in this area only have a 27.1 percent chance of passing their test.

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While these figures may be surprising to some, factors such as population size should be taken into account.

The latest figures come as the sheer cost of trying to pass your test is revealed with students requiring at least £1,500 of cash to pass.

Express.co.uk has been speaking to a driving expert from A-Plan Insurance on how students can avoid overspending in their quest to wave goodbye to their L-Plates and provisional licences.

They said several factors can cause the expense to rise even further including extra lessons and re-taking elements of the driving test.

Furthermore, they warned that an impatient instructor and overpriced lessons can also have an impact. They said: "The complaint that was mentioned most across the reviews was a lack of instructor patience, meaning learners were frequently snapped at or told off during lessons.

"This can cause learner drivers to avoid attending their lessons or finishing learning to drive altogether, as they are scared off interacting with another frustrated tutor."

Cancelled lessons can also add to the cost of learning to drive as some students allegedly paid only to find their essential lessons rearranged.

They cautioned: "Check the reviews of instructors before making an inquiry, and pay attention to how they manage their diary - if they use an app or digital calendar, they're probably more reliable."

One of the biggest factors in how much it could cost someone to learn, the expert said, was the confidence of the learner.

They said: "Instructors should make sure that you're confident enough to continue navigating roads on your own once lessons wrap up, and many offer additional motorway lessons to boost this."

Speaking about the cost to learn in 2023, an A-Plan spokesperson said: "Learning to drive is a hugely subjective experience, as how well it goes depends on a variety of different factors - including where you live, how old you are, and which instructor you go for.

"Too many instructors aren't held accountable for how they act during lessons, how they manage their schedule and how their pricing structure works, which can leave many learners reluctant to continue their lessons or take up another instructor.

"And more importantly, learners shouldn't feel bad if they end up having to switch instructors or schools mid-way through lessons - it just means they're putting themselves first."

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