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London Council claims Home Office asylum seeker placements are putting strain on housing

Daily Express logo Daily Express 27.05.2023 09:32:12 Zak Garner Purkis
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Ealing Council in West London council has blamed the Home Office for causing additional strain on its already intense demand for housing by placing large numbers of asylum seekers under its jurisdiction.

The claim was made in response to an Express.co.uk investigation into the use of expensive Travelodge accommodation to house homeless families.

"The Home Office continues to place a large number of individuals and families who are refugees or who are seeking asylum in the borough, with about 850 households currently living in Ealing in a range of accommodation types, including many of the options that the council may ordinarily use for temporary accommodation," a spokesperson for the local authority said.

"While Ealing is a place that welcomes those fleeing violence and persecution, the lack of coordination and support from the Home Office means that it is becoming harder and harder to find somewhere suitable to stay for the hundreds of households who ask for our help.

"We are facing a temporary accommodation emergency, and the market for temporary accommodation in London is completely broken," they added.

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An Express.co.uk investigation found Ealing Council was amongst several local authorities spending up to £250-a-night on hotel accommodation for its homeless residents.

In some Travelodges in London, the majority of rooms are occupied by council tenants at the taxpayer's expense.

Despite the high cost, the budget hotels are vastly inadequate for the needs of the residents.

Families are unable to cook and sometimes go without food due to the high costs.

In some of the hotels safety is an issue with sex workers and drug dealers doing business in and around the accommodation.

Responding to the councils' claims a Home Office spokesperson said: "Despite the number of people arriving in the UK reaching record levels, we continue to provide support for asylum seekers who would otherwise be destitute.

"We work tirelessly with local authorities and other partners to provide asylum seekers with suitable accommodation - as we are required to do by law."

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