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Strawberry Fruit Pizza (With Glazed Strawberries)

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A close up of the corner of a sheet pan full of strawberry pizza dessert with glazed strawberries on top of a frosting and a sugar cookie base on a counter.

This strawberry pizza has a sweet buttery sugar cookie crust topped with cream cheese frosting then finished with fresh glazed strawberries for the sweetest dessert. Strawberry pizza is great for a party or for strawberry season, and is the best cross between a strawberry pie and fruit pizza!

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If you love sweet fruit desserts try the fruit pizza mini cookie cups, which is a fruit pizza recipe but in mini bite-size treats. Or try the strawberry shortcake cupcakes which are sweet, creamy and delicious in every bite.

Expect this strawberry pizza will last for about 3 days when stored in covered airtight containers in the refrigerator.

Yes, you can make this strawberry pizza the night before or up to 24 hours in advance and store covered in the refrigerator.

Frozen strawberries tend to get way too mushy on this pizza and can make the sugar cookie mushy. Fresh strawberries will have a better texture when you layer the slices, I don't recommend using frozen strawberries.

This easy strawberry pizza recipe does not freeze well. The strawberries tend to get too mushy and the liquid can make the cookie crust soggy. I recommend enjoying this dessert fresh.

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