Ron DeSantis Thinks There's a Fashion Magazine Political Bias Against Wife Casey Because She's a 'Conservative'

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has a state to run and a 2024 presidential campaign to worry about, but he's also stumping for a fashion magazine cover for his wife, Casey. He seems to think there is a political reason as to why she's not on the cover of Vogue right now. 

"If she were a Democrat, she'd be on every fashion magazine . they would be making her to be the biggest deal," Ron said on the Mark Levin Show this week. "But because we're conservative, we know that that's not what happens." It's a very similar dispute Donald and Melania Trump had with Vogue during her four years as first lady. She complained that editor-in-chief Anna Wintour left her off the cover because of her husband's politics. 

While it is very clear Casey is establishing her fashion profile that's been described in The New York Times as "Melania lite' which means "aspirational" instead of "elitist," the Florida first lady is currently not well-known outside of her state. It's a bit premature to be worrying about a national fashion magazine cover before Ron even secures the Republican Party nomination. 

Some conservatives decided to take the alleged fashion magazine political bias into their own hands by starting an online outlet, The Conservateur, in 2022. It's what Michael Schaffer, a senior editor at Politico, described as the "MAGA answer to Vogue" even though he believes that the prestige of getting a cover is old-school PR thinking. "I'm sad to say that magazine covers don't quite have the impact that they once did in our culture," he said. "But among folks who think it was so unfair that Melania was excluded from Vogue, they are still sort of held up as this like amazing thing." So, perhaps Ron should think of some fresh publicity strategies since many people are calling his fashion magazine criticism antiquated.

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