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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - the perfect view

A reader refutes the idea that Tears Of The Kingdom's graphics are disappointing and shares some of his favourite photos of Hyrule.

I've been playing Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom since launch. Is it ugly? Terrible? Does it make my eyes bleed? No, nein, and non. It's all subjective of course, is the Mona Lisa beautiful? Not by today's Instagram standards. But will hotduckpout99 still be admired in another 500 years? Probably not, whereas DaVinci's masterpiece no doubt will. Is Tears Of The Kingdom Nintendo's masterpiece? It certainly feels like it.

On that note I would like to share some captures I've taken while playing the new Zelda, from sunrises and sunsets to just a view I came across and thought 'wow!' So here we go, hope you all enjoy.

The first capture where I just thought to myself wow, was in or around the Thundra Plateau, just after I obtained the Mask of Awakening from some environmental puzzle, involving a makeshift sundial. I shall say no more, except look at that view, the mushroom trees reminded me of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, where the trees fan out at the peak and are covered in changeable fairy lights. and are massive!

The top of Robbie's old laboratory, where he would enjoy a cold beverage and his view of DEATH MOUNTAIN! (the only way to say it) caught my eye for the different colour of the trees and foliage; all reds and burnt oranges, as well as the variety of greens, struck me as something you don't see in Hyrule very often. And yes, I'm wearing the hat I got off Cee Cee the fashionista from Hateno, from completing her quest line. Sue me.

Mine-carting between sky islands. Now this capture took patience to achieve, the perfect blend of colours bleeding into each other, the perfect amount of sun glare, the perfect cloud positions and even some sparks on metal against metal saw me using Recall an unhealthy amount, so much so I thought Link may vomit over the side. He didn't and I got an epic capture. Winning.

Speaking of the Sky Isles, I feel I was in the right place at the right time for this one. Couldn't tell you where I was, just the fact it was sooo clear and bright, being able to see isles for miles! Inspired a quick capture.

This capture, with its ominous green and yellow skies, Dueling Peaks looking like it's been split in two and DEATH MOUNTAIN! Looking ready to spew brought to mind an epic battle, long past, that's still scaring the land to this day. snapity snap time.

And finally, it's Hyrule Castle, floating over the land, like a scene from Independence Day. Boosh, 'Now, that's what I call a close encounter', Will Smith didn't say to Chris Rock one fateful day at the Academy Awards! How did I make it all the way to the top for my reward? An overzealous use of the rocket and large battery devices along with a hot air balloon. For a second or two, I really thought Link was to be the first Hylian in space.

So that's that. My journey so far through Tears Of The Kingdom. Is it terrible looking? I for one think not. Seeing it in motion, with flocks of birds in the skies, a living breathing world. The dynamic weather effects, as clouds roll over head and the sun comes out again.

Night into day, the dappled light coming through the forests, the way trees and bushes rustle and long grass sways in the breeze. this can't be conveyed in stills. However, I wouldn't mind some of my captures being made into bespoke prints, to be framed and hung in my den/man cave. I have neither, but I digress.

Hope you all enjoyed a little jaunt through the land of Tears Of The Kingdom.

By reader big boy bent

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