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'My date told me she was a time travelling mindreader - then followed me to work'

Daily Express logo Daily Express 27.05.2023 07:32:10 Anna Barry
Appalled young man

In the current dating landscape, many singletons meet their partners online, on apps such as Tinder, Hinge and Bumble.

One male comedian downloaded Bumble - a dating app where women send the first message - in search of romance in Amsterdam.

However, he ended up on a nightmare date with a "time travelling mindreader".

The comedian, Alex*, admitted to Express.co.uk that his prospective match already seemed a "little eccentric" when they started messaging.

Her opening line was that he "seemed shy but should believe in himself more", which he described as "nonsense" - "I literally get up and perform on stage every night, she couldn't be more wrong".

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But he was "charmed" by the observation and a bit "bored" of his current dating roster, so decided to take the plunge and invite her out on a date - which he regretted immediately.

"The first thing she told me was that she could read minds," he told Express.co.uk, "then that she could time travel".

When he made an escape to the bathroom, his date revealed to a stranger at the bar that she was actually already in a relationship with somebody else - but a psychic one.

The eccentric lady was keen to extend the date back to her place but Alex made his excuses and got out of there as soon as he could.

Unsurprisingly the comedian was not keen for a second date, but he did bump into his time travelling romantic prospect again - when she turned up at his work.

While Alex confirmed that she "wasn't a stalker", she did just turn up at one of his comedy gigs unannounced.

He said: "She showed up and tried to hang out and followed me around a bit."

Then she watched the show and left - but not before talking to Alex's boss, who later approached him saying "Hey Sam, I heard you like girls who can time travel".

This was pretty crazy for the comedian - "someone please kill me" - and sadly he was no closer to finding love.

*Name has been changed.

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