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Every product you start to sell at your company in BitLife will have a Product Plan. This is a general breakdown of how much you plan to sell the product, how much you plan to make, and the overall marketing for that item for the year. You can adjust these decisions every year, and you should modify these details whenever you have a chance. These changes won't be the same, though. Here's what you need to know about how the Product Plan works in BitLife.

It's important to note there's no guaranteed way to make a winning Product Plan for everything you sell at your company. You must remain flexible with your products and stay aware of public opinion, reviewing how well your product did the year before and what adjustments you will need to make in the future. This information is shown to you in the Annual Report and the breakdown for each item you sell.

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There are four sliders here, but you can only select the bottom three, the Marketing Cost, Price, and Production.

The Marketing Cost is how you will market the product, especially if you have competition. So if you're in a highly competitive environment, or that year a competitor has a better chance of scoring better business because of promotions, you want to increase this.

The Price for your product is how much you will sell it. A high price is good for making money, but not everyone may want to buy it. Increasing the price is a good idea if you have a top-rated product, but you don't want to produce too many because they might not all sell that year.

Finally, the bottom slider controls your company's Production. This is how many of that product you plan to make that year. The goal is to sell as many of them as possible to earn your money back. Anything you don't sell will become extra inventory, and you will likely have to scrap it if those don't sell.

At the top of the page, after the product has been available for a year, there will be a distinct breakdown of how well it did and any future forecasts. For example, say your product has a good chance of selling 11% more at its current price. When you reach the Product Plan page, keep everything the same but Production and slightly increase to meet this demand. Alternatively, you could slightly lower the price but make it more available by increasing the Productionput. Hopefully, they all sell, giving you additional profits if it's a hot item.

How you tackle these problems is up to you, but a precise breakdown of how this works is fundamental when running a business. Make sure you read through your Annual Report to see your company's health. When you're making a good amount of money and have record profits, we recommend adding a new product to your line-up or increasing the number of facilities in your company.

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