Family-of-11 with only 13p lived in caravan after told to split into 2 hostels

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A family of 11 with only 13p in the bank moved into a caravan when they were told they had to be divided between two homeless hostels.

Layden Seymour and Fran live now with their nine children, between the ages of three and 21, at a beautiful house in Essex.

But four years ago, the dream had been slipping away from them when they were hit with devastating money problems.

They were left homeless and with only 13p in the bank in 2017.

Instead of splitting up the family across two hostels, they sought the help of a friend who lent them a caravan to live in.

a group of people posing for a photo: Family-of-11 with only 13p lived in caravan after told to split into 2 hostels © One Tribe TV LtdFamily-of-11 with only 13p lived in caravan after told to split into 2 hostels

During ITV's Britain's Biggest Families: 31 Kids and Counting, Layden told the cameras: "We were told we would have to split. An adult in each.

"So we made the choice that that was never going to happen, we were never going to do that. A friend of ours lent us a caravan and we lived in a caravan."

Fallen on hard times, Layden and Fran had to go hungry some nights because they couldn't afford to feed all the mouths.

Yet they never let onto their nine children they were going hungry.

He said: "There were times the children would say are you having dinner? We'd say we ate out earlier. The truth was we couldn't afford to feed all of us so we went without."

Admittedly Layden said he had been "frivolous and careless with money" after the family's funds dwindled to 13p.

He added: "I have been frivolous and careless with money.

"I've earned a lot of money and we've lost a lot of money and it has caused us problems in the past."

Now they have completely turned their life around for their nine children.

Layden splashed out on a soft play business which was booming before the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Also, the dad has shared his plans of turning a pub into a B&B to make extra cash.

Days of skipping meals are history as the family boast of an "unlimited" food budget to feed them all.

They even have money to spare on new uniform, electrical gadgets and fancy cars.

But the heartache of being made homeless has left Fran worrying the family could ever go back to those dark days.

On the flip side, Layden said the experience has made him live more in the present and not worry about what's ahead of them.

He explained: "Fran worries if we ever go back there. I say live for today."

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