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Sportsmail's Peter Crouch is back to answer YOUR questions

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Events at Wembley dominate Peter Crouch's agenda this week but there are plenty of other topics for Sportsmail's resident columnist to explore.

From Rangers boss Steven Gerrard attracting attention to Sean Dyche's future at Burnley and Alisson's brilliant late winner against West Brom, Crouchie discusses a number of things with our readers. 

First, though, it is the fallout from Leicester City's famous success at Wembley on Saturday. 

Why not go with your first-choice keeper in a final?

Joseph Martin via email

I can tell you are frustrated, Joe. 

It used to be the case that teams played their best line-up regardless, but I wouldn't be holding Kepa Arrizabalaga responsible for Chelsea's defeat. 

He was beaten by an outstanding strike from Youri Tielemans that I doubt Edouard Mendy would have saved. Leicester didn't win the FA Cup because Thomas Tuchel picked his No 2.

Would I have done it if I was manager? Not a chance. I couldn't care less how unpopular it would have made me, I would have gone with my strongest available team and then you cannot have any room for doubt.

But I would also say this as a former player: it would have been unbelievably harsh to drop Kepa after he had played all the rounds before the final.

If someone is made a promise at the beginning of the season that they will be in goal for a certain competition, it has to be that way. 

a group of people playing a game of football: Kepa Arrizabalaga was beaten by a strike which Peter doubts anyone would have saved © Provided by Daily MailKepa Arrizabalaga was beaten by a strike which Peter doubts anyone would have saved  

Have you ever played for owners as good as the people in charge of Leicester?

Alexander Willis via Twitter

You know what, Alexander, seeing the way the players were with Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha when they were celebrating after the final whistle was one of the happiest scenes I have witnessed in a long time.

Everything about it was genuine, from Kasper Schmeichel going to get him to the way Brendan Rodgers hugged him. I'm delighted that Aiyawatt got that recognition.

I know a few of the players who have been in the Leicester dressing room, lads like Robert Huth and Danny Simpson. What you saw on the pitch at Wembley is everything they have told me about the esteem in which that particular family is held by the players.

They have been out to pre-season games in Thailand and the players were always treated like royalty.

If I was making a comparison, I played for brilliant people at Stoke. Peter Coates and his family were proper supporters of the club and they always looked after us.

He invested his money in Stoke not because he wanted to make more, but because he loved the place. It was that simple.


Does winning the FA Cup mean Leicester have pushed Arsenal out of the big six?

Mike Heffernan via Twitter

a football player on a field: As it stands, Leicester City are miles in front of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's Arsenal side on the pitch © Provided by Daily MailAs it stands, Leicester City are miles in front of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's Arsenal side on the pitch

I'll say this with certainty, Mike. As it stands, Leicester are miles in front of Arsenal on the pitch. They have a brilliant manager, a team full of promise and they may yet cap the season by qualifying for the Champions League.

Arsenal haven't got close to that competition for four years.

But if we are comparing clubs, you have to recognise that Arsenal have such a wonderful history and reputation. They have a global fan base and their heritage has not suddenly disappeared because of a couple of bad seasons.

They will come again as a force in the future.

I want to say again, though, how impressed I am by Leicester and all they have done. When you look at them, you see everything a proper football club should be: a good stadium, sympathetic owners, a progressive manager and a team full of great talent. Let them enjoy this moment.

Plenty of others - Arsenal included - will wish they had been in their place on Saturday night.


Video: Solskjaer praises 'special' Greenwood as 'he learns on the job' (Daily Mail)


Have Tottenham got any chance of luring Steven Gerrard away from Rangers this summer?

Nick Phillips via email

What a good question, Nick. I actually played in a youth game when I was 18 for Spurs against Liverpool. 

Steven played that day and was ridiculous; he was on another level. He was so good that Alan Sugar immediately tried to sign him for Tottenham afterwards, but it was a complete non-starter.

Steven's stock is rising and the way he has overseen the renaissance of Rangers is outstanding. 

I hear people talking about the strength of the Scottish League and questioning the quality but what I would argue is this: if it was so easy, why aren't teams going unbeaten every year?

He is going to be an outstanding manager and if I was running Tottenham, I would absolutely be interested in a man of his calibre.

But could you see Steven Gerrard managing anyone in the Premier League other than Liverpool? No. Nor can I.

When Steven returns to England, it will be to take over from Jurgen Klopp. I really don't see it any other way.


Can you understand the protests being aimed at Daniel Levy?

Adrian Townsend via email

If anyone had reason not to defend Daniel Levy, Adrian, it is me. He basically told me to get out of Tottenham when I had done nothing wrong and the manner of my departure was anything but great.

If I had stayed, I would never have played.

I won't try to sugar-coat what has happened at Spurs this season. The performances on the pitch have not been good enough, negativity has been in the air for too long and it is nothing like it should be. Tottenham fans deserve enjoyment and a proper football team.

Daniel isn't a football man. Yes, he goes to all the games but I would not say the sport is his No 1 passion.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera: Tottenham fans protested against chairman Daniel Levy on Saturday after a tough season © Provided by Daily MailTottenham fans protested against chairman Daniel Levy on Saturday after a tough season

What you cannot argue against is the stadium he has built - the best in England, if not the world - and the way Tottenham's profile has risen on his watch.

The football must improve, but, as a club, Spurs are in a good place and he is responsible for it.


Is Mark Noble the last of a dying breed in the Premier League?

James Holmes via Twitter

I'm afraid so, James. I spoke with Mark last week about his life and times at West Ham and I am delighted the team is now one he can be truly proud of. It hasn't always been great for him at West Ham and the pressure of being the local boy in the team is different to anything else.

I hope West Ham see the season out and have European football to show for their efforts. 

Mark has played his part and, you know, I have always believed he should have got an England cap or two. Other players have represented England who aren't as good as him. He deserved his chance.


Did Sadio Mane cross a line when he snubbed Jurgen Klopp at Old Trafford?

Ben Williams via email

I think he did, Ben. There is a time and place for venting your feelings to your manager and the halfway line at Old Trafford at the final whistle, as a visiting player, is not the place or the time!

You have a duty to keep a lid on your emotions when the cameras are rolling. When you get into the dressing room or back to the training ground, that is when you have your say. 

I've seen plenty of examples of that happening and they are a daily occurrence up and down the country.

a man holding a football ball: Sadio Mane crossed a line when he snubbed Jurgen Klopp's handshake at Old Trafford © Provided by Daily MailSadio Mane crossed a line when he snubbed Jurgen Klopp's handshake at Old Trafford

Klopp knows how to manage situations and he showed there was no lingering animosity by picking Mane at West Brom.

Mane's performance was better, too. He has had a disappointing season but is too good not to make an impact.


Would Sean Dyche be a good fit for Crystal Palace if Roy Hodgson leaves?

Eddie Furlong via email

Absolutely, Eddie. A big summer is approaching for Burnley and they would be in a difficult position - to put it mildly - if Dyche left. 

There are no secrets about my feelings towards him and he has done a miraculous job keeping the club in the Premier League. He is the glue that holds it together.

If Palace happened to recruit him, they would be getting an outstanding manager and, I think, a perfect fit.


Did you ever score a header as good as Alisson's?

Kath K 123 via email

Kath, I will be completely honest with you - I don't believe I did. It was a beautiful finish, everything about it from the leap to the technique was poetic. 

His interview afterwards was beautiful, too.

What a way to end the weekend. Until next time, stay safe and well.

a group of people playing a game of football: Alisson's late winner for Liverpool against West Brom was a quite outstanding header © Provided by Daily MailAlisson's late winner for Liverpool against West Brom was a quite outstanding header Read more
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