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Millions of motorists 'don't understand MOT process'

Motoring Research logo Motoring Research 17/05/2021 08:50:32 Daniel Puddicombe
a man wearing a hat: MOT test © Provided by Motoring ResearchMOT test

Many drivers don't understand the process of getting a car through an MOT test, new research suggests.

According to a poll of 2,000 British adults, 44 percent are unaware that an expired MOT could invalidate their car insurance.

The poll by Gocompare also revealed that six percent of drivers say they don't understand the MOT process. And a further eight percent are confused about MOT jargon surrounding the categories of Pass and Fail. 

In addition, seven percent said they don't understand what an Advisory repair means in relation to their MOT and eight percent don't know the difference between Minor, Major and Dangerous faults.  

The research also revealed that 26 percent of motorists think the MOT test guarantees their car will be safe to drive for the next 12 months. And six percent erroneously believe MOT test centres have a percentage of cars they are required to fail.  

Misunderstanding the MOT

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a man sitting in a car: MOT test © Provided by Motoring ResearchMOT test

Cars aged over three years are tested annually to ensure they are roadworthy and safe to drive; this year, 2.3 million cars will be due their first MOT. The MOT test produces a Pass or Fail outcome. Dangerous or Major faults lead to a failed test. The category applied will depend on the type and seriousness of the problem. 

"The regular testing of vehicles as they get older helps to ensure cars are safe and roadworthy," said Ryan Fulthorpe from Gocompare.

"A valid MOT certificate confirms a car has met the minimum standard of roadworthiness at the time of testing.  It doesn't guarantee the car will be in good running order over the next year, so it's essential that drivers carry out regular checks and have their car regularly serviced." 


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