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North East gyms prepare for a BIG reopening

Heatworld 9/04/2021 07:05:06 Andrew Watson
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As Covid restrictions ease across the UK on Monday - gyms in the North East are looking forward to welcoming back their clients.

There's been multiple petition since lock down was introduced in December urging the Government to reopen gyms but now people don't have that long to wait.

Les Ojubana heads up Fitness 2000 in Roker, Sunderland he tells us he can't wait to get people back in as training helps both physical and mental well being:

"I think if lockdown has taught us anything it is that gyms are so important and effective keeping active is for our mental health. Getting your muscles working and endorphins pumping plays a big role in making us feel better about ourselves. I think as well people have missed the social side of the gym meeting up with like minded people so it'll be great to welcome people back, I'm over the moon."

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As the reopening nears people across the country have been setting targets for themselves on social media. Research from psychology-based behavioural change programme Noom has revealed almost two-thirds of adults in the UK are looking to lose weight before all covid restrictions drop in June.

However, a quarter of Brits say they're feeling the pressure of having to lose weight in a short space of time. Les tells us that goals can be good for people but don't let them effect your mental health:

"Training to get a good body between April and June is good benchmark for some people, I know a lot of people are trying to look good and get fit for the summer. I would suggest people set goals but don't push yourselves to hard that impacts you mental well being."

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