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Trump takes up mantle of consoler in chief to predict a Tiger Woods comeback

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 24/02/2021 03:24:00 Katherine Doyle
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Former President Donald Trump shared a get-well message for golfer Tiger Woods following a serious car crash, returning to the air Tuesday night to predict a comeback for the star athlete.

Trump, a keen golfer who owns several courses and a television celebrity before becoming president, also praised Woods's talent on the green and his ability to draw record ratings, calling it a "kind of phenomenon."

"He's gonna be back, I have no doubt about it. He's gonna be back," Trump said in a Tuesday night interview on Fox News, alluding little to his own planned return to the stage.

"He's overcome a lot. He's had an incredible life, and he's going to continue to have an incredible life," Trump said. "It's pretty bad on the legs, I understand. He'll figure out a way."

Trump, who was banned from social media after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, stepped into a period of relative quiet on leaving office before reemerging last week in a media blitz. The former president called into a slew of cable news programs to share his condolences for Rush Limbaugh, the late conservative radio host.

He continued his turn as consoler in chief on Tuesday after news of Woods's accident in California, first in a tweet shared by his aide Jason Miller, before he squeezed into an evening Fox News segment.

"When he's in contention, which is often, the ratings are double and triple, and it's very few people that cause that kind of a phenomenon," Trump said.

"He doesn't have to be leading - if he's anywhere near the lead, the television ratings for golf go through the roof. So, you know, he's a very important guy in many ways," he said. As president, Trump paid close attention to his television ratings, sometimes tweeting about them and comparing them to others.

Trump recalled once asking Woods if he was always a skilled putter, agreeing with Woods's assessment that it came easily to him. "A lot of people say putting is natural, but it was always very natural for him."

"He's just a great person, most importantly," Trump continued.

He also shared a message to Woods, telling him to "get better and get out there because we all miss him."


Since leaving the White House, Trump has largely been quiet, playing golf and meeting with friends and political allies while plotting a comeback.

A source told the Washington Examiner that Trump will give a keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, "talking about the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement."

He has welcomed some visitors to his Palm Beach estate while refusing others, suggesting a measure of the influence he is likely to continue wielding inside of the GOP.


South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham visited Trump over the weekend in what he described as part of a mission to repair a fractured Republican Party. The two "just talked about the 2022 cycle," Graham told reporters on Monday, adding that "he's very involved in helping the team win."

Trump awarded Woods a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2019.

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