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'Boys club culture of cover-up': Former Labor MP speaks out about sexual harassment

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Former Labor MP Emma Husar says women are "treated with disdain" in a "boys club culture of cover up" and has accused her former ALP colleagues of adopting a "do nothing approach" to the political problem of sexual harassment in parliament.

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She slammed Anthony Albanese and Labor for their their "sanctimonious behaviour" responding to the Brittany Higgins saga claiming her own experience proves sexual harassment extends across both sides of politics.

In an exclusive interview with Sky News Ms Husar said, "it doesn't get any worse than what's happened to Brittany Higgins".

"My issue was slightly different but they are inextricably tied together".

She spoke of a "cover-up culture" in Labor and her own experience where she was told not speak up about an incident where she was shamed on the floor of parliament by a colleague on the side.

Ms Hussar said she was told by a senior Labor figure, "the boys on our side do worse if not the same thing and it will cause a problem for us".

In an open letter the former Labor MP has excoriated the leader and party she once represented and said the treatment she faced proves Labor are "not better at treating the sexual harassment of women as a 'Political Problem'."

"Your inaction and that of the powerful boys club that protects each other must be dismantled.

"When people know there is wrongdoing happening and they sit in silence they tacitly approve that behaviour to continue."

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