8 summer beauty routine dos and definite don'ts.

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a woman holding a cell phone: 8 summer beauty routine dos and definite don'ts. © Getty Images8 summer beauty routine dos and definite don'ts.

It's summer and those glorious warmer days are just around the corner. How good! 

It means soon you will be swimming, eating tonnes of prawns and trying to wind down after what could be the weirdest year, ever.

What you don't want to have to do is end up worrying about all the things like sun damage, greasy hair, cakey makeup and bad fake tans. Like, you really don't.

But that's why you have us. We've done you a solid and pulled together some of the best hair, skin and makeup rules you never knew you needed.

So, let's go.

DO: Wear sunscreen.

We know you already do this every day no matter what the season (Right, you guys? RIGHT?), but we're going to say it, anyway. You should be slapping on SPF Every. Single. Day. If you want to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun (all of us), this is a must.

Whether you're consciously spending time outside, doing everyday chores or sitting next to one of those huge windows that lets the sun stream in, sunscreen is your friend.

Besides the fact that SPF helps lower the risk of skin cancer and melanoma (which is pretty freaking important), it also helps prevent premature ageing of the skin.

So, make this your number one priority if you haven't already.

If you're looking for a good every day formula that sits nicely on the skin (yep - even under makeup), we think Hamilton Everyday Face 50+ is a great pick.

It's a nice sheer formula that has a lovely matte finish (we've always had a crush on matte tint), without that annoying white cast. It also contains skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E, meaning it won't leave your skin dry and uncomfortable. It's also free from fragrances and lanolin, so it's perfect for folk with sensitive skin, too. Win.

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Hamilton Sun Everyday Face has a sheer tint with an invisible matte finish. Image: Supplied. 

DON'T: Neglect your scalp and hair.

We all know the sun can wreak serious havoc on our skin, but did you know it can also mess with your hair and scalp, too? Spoiler: it does. 

Your scalp is just as susceptible to sunburn as the rest of your skin. Not only can it put the skin on your scalp at risk, but sun damage can also lead to hair loss, oxidation, and breakage. 

No good.

The best way to keep your scalp and hair safe from sun damage? With a hat, of course. C'mon, we know you have one - you bought that massive sunhat last year and never even wore it! Wear it.

There's also a heap of nourishing mists, creams, and pre-sun hair products out there that offer protection from the sun's harmful rays without sacrificing your style (which is magnificent by the way, suits you).

DO: Exfoliate your skin.

Have you ever heard of dry-brushing? No? While it's abuzz in the celebrity world with supposed benefits of reduced cellulite, there isn't any evidence to support this. However, what it will do is slough off dead skin cells and help keep your limbs smooth and bright for summer. 

Gallery: How to get rid of bags under your eyes and other beauty tips (Espresso)

It's basically a treatment that involves (as you probably guessed) brushing the skin on your body - thighs, stomach, butt and arms - with a soft bristled brush. It helps regulate the skin cell cycle and improves the radiance and vitality of the skin. It's also pretty good for avoiding ingrown hairs and great at dancing.

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Your brush = your friend in summer. Image: Getty, 

DON'T: Leave your lips unprotected.

You guys, your lips can get sunburnt too! We know it's easy to forget, but it's actually super important - cause the skin on your lips is suuuper thin and they have less melanin, meaning UV rays can penetrate deeper. 

You need to remember that your lips are just as susceptible to skin cancers and hyperpigmentation, so it's crucial to protect 'em.

And you don't have to slap some bright green zinc on them like ol' mate Shane Warne, you just need to apply a quality SPF lip balm every couple of hours.

DO: Embrace a faux glow.

Oh, man. Tanning products have come a LONG way. Remember dealing with orange sheets, streaks, bad smells and looking like you're from Geordie Shore? Ugh.

But the good news is that the new generation of fake tans now offer instant results, easier application and more natural-looking colours. So, ditch the skin-damaging variety of tanning, please.

DON'T: Get laser hair removal.

Of course, with any type of laser there is a risk of pigment changes or a darkening or lightening of the skin, but what you might not know is that this risk is heightened in the summer months when people are less careful with skin exposure.

This is why laser technicians always recommend you start your treatments at the beginning of the cooler months when your chance of sun exposure is at its lowest - however we know this isn't always realistic. 

If you're undergoing laser treatment during summer, try to avoid sun exposure two to four weeks before a treatment (you should also avoid fake tanning two weeks before treatment) as this can result in burning or discolouration and can make your skin more sensitive to the heat emitted during the procedure.

We'd also recommend religiously applying SPF 50+ to any exposed areas (which we're sure you're doing, anyway).

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The earlier you start, the better. Image: Getty. 

DO: Switch out your foundation.

In the summer months, you generally don't want to cake on heavy coverage every single day. It's just a LOT. But sometimes you still need a little bit of help to even out your skin tone and nix redness or breakouts. We get it. 

For this, you need to swap in some lightweight alternatives - we're talking tinted moisturisers, BB creams and CC creams. 

These skincare/makeup hybrids are the absolute bomb for warmer months, and they're often a jack of all trades, doing the job of five or more products in one. They work to smooth out your overall tone and texture for brighter, healthier looking skin. Love a good multi-tasker. 

Confused about where to start? We asked 17 women for their fave foundation alternatives.

DON'T: Spray perfume on your neck.

This is a biggie. According to dermatologists, spraying perfume on your neck is a big no-no. Like, always. But even more so during summer. 

"What? Why?" We hear you say. Well, because the skin on your neck and decolletage area is super delicate. This area is often exposed to harmful UV rays, meaning the oil in the perfume acts to increase sun damage. Along with increasing the risk of skin cancer, this can lead to skin thinning, damaged capillaries and pigmentation.

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Avoid the neck, go for the clothes. Image: Getty. 

Instead, make sure you spray your perfume on your clothes, or non-exposed areas to decrease damage. And always *ALWAYS* apply your sunscreen right down to your cleavage.

Need some sunscreen inspo? Hamilton Sun's SPF50 sunscreen range includes Everyday Face, Active Family, Toddler and Sensitive formulations, all made for Aussie conditions. Check them out at

Feature image: Getty; Supplied.

Did we miss anything? If you have any extra tips to add, pop them in the comment section below.

Take our survey to win $50 to put towards a summer treat. Hamilton Sunscreen available at your local pharmacy. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Reapply sunscreen frequently. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear protective clothing, hats and eye wear when exposed to the sun. 

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